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Mars in the 11th House – Check out the positives and negatives

Mars in the 11th House it is a very auspicious placement, which tends to bring success in all areas of your life.

People with this placement have a very lively and active personality, are sociable, friendly and connect very easily with others.

Understand a little more about the influence of Mars in the 11th house in your life and identify positive and negative aspects of your personality.

Mars in the Astrological Chart

Mars is seen by many as a malevolent planet as it is associated with the Roman God of War. However, he’s not quite the villain people think.

This planet rules energy, determination, passion, the sex drive. He’s the one who helps us get out of bed every day and chase our dreams.

It is Mars who gives us the courage to face the challenges and overcome the obstacles imposed by life.

The placement of this planet in our Astrological Chart will tell us what our personality is like and what activities stimulate us.

The Astrological House where Mars is indicates us in which area of ​​life we ​​act most positively and successfully.

Knowing this information can help you stay motivated on days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Feeding your central dream is what will give you the strength to kill every lion that appears in your day until you get closer and closer to your goal.

Mars in the 11th House

Mars in the 11th is an excellent placement. This is because the 11th house is associated with our friendships and relationships outside the romantic scope of the word.

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It’s the house that talks about our bonds and collaborations, about how we communicate with people and make connections.

Those who have Mars in the 11th house are idealistic, sociable and freedom-loving. That is, living in society, being with friends and doing network It is what motivates you in your daily life.

You enjoy organizing events, doing group activities and often taking the lead.

She is an engaging and helpful friend, always ready to spring into action when someone needs her help. She is also always looking for important causes to fight for.

You are very smart and you know how to captivate friendships and expand your social circle to achieve your goals, especially professionals. Coordination and cooperation are your keywords for success.

When a good opportunity comes along, you recognize it right away! With Mars in the 11th, all sources of wealth, income and gains in life come to you through someone else.

This is a placement related to success in its broadest form, in all areas of life.

You are able to accomplish amazing things on your own. She is meticulous, dedicated and pragmatic. He knows how to maintain a good reputation and how to make his achievements solid and prosperous.

The 11th house Mars native knows how to influence a large audience, which makes her a high achiever with tremendous charisma that affects other people very positively.

Positive aspects

  • Charismatic;
  • Sociable;
  • Works well in a team;
  • Know how to lead;
  • Influential;

Negative aspects

  • disorganized;
  • superficial;
  • Criticism;
  • Intolerant
  • Selfish;
  • Unpredictable.

Mars Retrograde in the 11th House

Having a Mars Retrograde in the 11th house can make you feel frustrated and impatient about the future. At such times, you will need to be patient and avoid being impulsive.

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You will tend to get irritated easily with friends and find it difficult to work in a group. Faced with these problems, try to accept your friends as they are and understand each one’s time.

You may feel powerless in the face of so many problems in the world, but remember that small acts change the world.

Mars Retrograde in the 11th house also brings a sense of loneliness and disconnection from the surrounding community.

When these kinds of feelings invade you, remember that alone you cannot change the world. It is important to make connections, but only the appropriate ones. You don’t have to be everyone’s friend.

Did you see how understanding the positioning of the planets in our birth chart can bring a lot of self-knowledge, reflections and important advice to our life?

So, make your Astral Map now, see the positioning of each planet and discover much more about yourself, your way of seeing the world, obstacles you may face and how to get around them.

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