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Libra and Scorpio – How is the marriage of these signs?

Libra and Scorpio has everything to build a happy and lasting relationship. For this, Scorpio will only need to control jealousy and Libra will flirt with him for sport.

She unites all things
how could i explain
A sweet river mystery
With the transparency of a sea

She unites all things
How many elements go there
Feeling water deep
With all the lightness of the air

The relationship between Libra and Scorpio is like the song “She Unites All Things”by Jorge Vercillo.

Libra brings the lightness of the Air element and Scorpio brings the intensity of the Water element to the relationship. Perfect match to build a romance with all the ingredients needed to make both of you happy!

Both will just need to balance some differences in their personalities. Find out how in this article!

Does Libra match Scorpio?

The mystery surrounding Scorpio draws Libra closer, as this sign yearns to unravel what’s behind the enigmatic Scorpio.

Scorpio, on the other hand, feels the need to teach Libra and is an extremely tolerant teacher of this student’s faults. Conversely, Libra feels that it has something to learn from Scorpio by giving it their full attention.

Strangely, Scorpio tends to accept the personality differences that exist between the two. Scorpio understands Libra better than anyone else.

And so they approach, a little hesitantly at first, it’s true, but always fascinated by each other.

Quickly, Scorpio discovers that Libra is a charming, pleasant, and brilliant student within a few days. But in others he becomes a contrarian, always questioning Scorpio’s positions.

Differences between Libra and Scorpio

Scorpio’s fixed nature, which has extremely cemented opinions, can cause some tension, especially if you have a very divergent point of view from Libra.

This may offend the Libra’s sense of justice, who will express his disapproval. When disapproved of by Libra, Scorpio may feel frustrated.

Also, Scorpio sees Libra as a lazy and permissive person, which is not true. This native may even be a little physically lazy, but his mind is always overactive.

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However, if calling Libra lazy is unfair, Scorpio has a certain point when he says that this native is permissive.

Libra always maintains an optimistic outlook on life, even in the face of the worst setbacks, disappointments and catastrophes. This can be really wonderful, but not necessarily for Scorpio.

Scorpio is very cautious and this over-optimistic Libra can irritate him. Scorpio doesn’t understand how a human being can only see the good side of everything.

So, for Libra with Scorpio to work, both will have to have an extra dose of patience. Only then will they be able to find the much-desired harmony in the relationship.

Libra and Scorpio Relationship

Libra woman with Scorpio man

We know that Libra is extremely intelligent, brilliant and logical. However, even with all these skills, she will hardly be able to read the Scorpio man’s innermost feelings.

She will never be able to penetrate his secrets hidden behind his iron mask. You’d better already give up trying to understand him because he’s an indecipherable riddle.

All you have to do is just love him with all your soul and depth – never forget that Scorpios don’t like anything shallow.

And just because he doesn’t allow you to wander into the innermost corners of his mind, heart and soul doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

He has probably shared a lot more of himself with you than he has shared with anyone else in his life.

Don’t try to get more from him than he wants to give. Remember that the Scorpio man, even the most evolved, carries with him a syndrome of revenge.

Retaliation from an injured or angry Scorpio can seriously shake your balance and relationship.

Libra and Scorpio in Love

For Libra and Scorpio to be happy in love, Scorpio needs to understand that the Libra woman, despite all her feminine appearance, will not put herself in a position of submission. You need to find a balance between your personalities.

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In addition, for Libra to get along well with Scorpio, this native needs to stimulate his hyperactive mind.

Of course, it will be extremely stimulating for her to try to conquer Scorpio, but when she does, her mind will be restless.

You, Scorpio, will need to bring news to the relationship so that she doesn’t feel sad and bored.

Another important tip for this relationship to work is: have separate checking accounts!

You see money completely differently, so for the health of the relationship, it’s important that you each have your own money, even if you make plans together.

Scorpio woman with Libra man

Unlike the Libra woman, who is stronger, more resistant and firm than the others, the Libran is gentle, calm, meek and easily hurt.

Scorpio is one of those upside-down sun signs. That is, it is either too unbalanced or overly balanced.

The mysteries surrounding the Scorpio woman are generated by her ruler, Pluto. Pluto likes to hide the truth and blow up the unpredictable.

Libra and Scorpio Conflicts

Libra gets along well with Scorpio, but confrontations are inevitable. Libra needs to discuss their worldviews, always using reasonable, fair and logical arguments.

Scorpio, on the other hand, keeps their opinions and convictions deep within their being. This could irritate Libra that he wants to be mentally challenged.

However, even in a moment of conflict, the Scorpio woman will be delighted with all of Libra’s logic and talent for persuasion.

Scorpio will be able to see right through the Libra man. She will know exactly if he is playing games with her or really attracted and in love.

Unlike the other sun sign natives who melt at the first one Libra says, even if he’s just playing games, as air signs do.

Another important point of conflict to highlight in this union is the Scorpio woman’s intensity, possessiveness and jealousy. When marrying Scorpio, Libra needs to be aware that these are not temporary or passing feelings in this woman’s life.

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Scorpio has a fierce need to know that he is faithful to her. And she might make a storm if she suspects otherwise. She is the most suspicious of women.

The problem happens because as the Libra man is extremely handsome, romantic and kind to everyone, women are often fascinated by him.

And they’ll likely look for ways to have intelligent conversations with him, be close, and get his attention.

Libras like to please their fans and will hardly stop their advances. What will arouse the anger of the Scorpio woman. That’s where the bug catches!

As much as you have a super imagination, Libra, you can’t even come close to imagining the revenge that a Scorpio is capable of plotting.

If you happen to have hurt your Scorpio woman, the best thing to do is ask friends for help to mediate the situation.

But the best thing to do is to call hurt Scorpio’s feelings. Avoid flirting and chatting with other women as you can have the balance you are looking for in your relationship.

Libra with Scorpio works out and if you walk the line, Libra, you will have a beautiful and lasting marriage.

Libra and Scorpio in bed

Scorpio is sure to satisfy every sensual and erotic desire and every secret Libra need for affection and devotion.

This native just won’t fulfill Libra’s romantic desire to hear her lover reciting poetry while making love.

Scorpio is not comfortable with overt displays of love and romance. For this native, the proof that he loves is in his loyalty and sexual intensity.

The combination of these two signs in the sexual act becomes complete because Scorpio brings the intensity of carnal conjunction and Libra brings romance and affection to sex.

Even Libra and Scorpio’s kiss is delicate and irresistible.

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