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Is reliable? Discover our differences!

And how do you know if a jewelry website is safe?

Check consumer testimonials

Companies that are truly concerned about the consumer’s shopping experience and the quality of their products and services are always available to provide assistance to customers and listen to consumers’ opinions, so pay attention to the website’s service and support.

There are several reliable feedback and review sites, where consumers give their opinions about products and describe the experience they had pre, during and post-sale. Seek this information and don’t trust websites without customer reviews and real photos of the products.

Find out if the company has a jewelry guarantee certificate and read the exchange, cancellation and refund policy

A trustworthy website specifies all the information you need to know, faithfully complying with the Consumer Protection Code. Find out about the exchange and warranty policy (document that certifies the quality of all parts in relation to the raw material used and the production process). Our exchange policy is available on site!

Be wary of very low prices

We at always try to offer the best shopping experience to our customers, valuing the good price and quality of the jewelry.

However, be suspicious when any gold and silver jewelry website offers products at an extremely low price, as the raw material may be of low quality or may not actually be real metal.

At virtual Joias we only work with high quality 18k gold and 925 silver and we attest to the quality of our metals with a certificate and eternal guarantee regarding the legitimacy of the metals.

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See some of our differences

Immediate dispatch

Our team works with agility and dexterity, which is why we send parts with availability for immediate delivery after completing the purchase.

Product with certificate

Our jewelry has a permanent guarantee regarding the quality and authenticity of the raw material and a guarantee of up to 90 days (provided for in art.26 of the consumer protection code) to detect any manufacturing defects.

Guaranteed exchange

If you get the wrong number on your wedding rings or rings, you can exchange them even if they are personalized with engraving. To do this, simply follow our Exchange Policy that you will receive in a booklet along with your jewelry, also available for consultation on our website.

Personalized service

You can speak to our customer service center from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, by phone, email or via chat, which is available in the bottom right corner of the website. If you need assistance when making your purchase, you can also speak to one of our consultants via WhatsApp.

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