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How to organize a wedding: 10 essential steps!

When we think about how to organize a wedding, that question soon arises: where to start planning this moment, which is one of the biggest projects in a couple’s life?

You certainly don’t want to forget any step, right? So come with us! Here we have put together 10 main steps to organize a wedding:

Set the ideal date
Keep your budget at the tip of your pencil
Make a guest list
Define the locations
Choose suppliers
Decide on the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit
Create an online page with the gift list
Buy wedding rings
Work out the honeymoon details
Create a schedule

Where to start organizing the wedding?

After the engagement, the couple begins to organize the wedding party, one of the most important days of their lives, anxiety ensues. Don’t worry, good planning will make the big day start to take shape and allow you to organize all the details for the perfect wedding.

1 – Set the ideal date

The chosen date can be, for example, the day the couple met, the brides monthwhich is the month of May, or until September, which has been considered the new month of brides.

Another suggestion when choosing a date is to follow the seasonschoose the one that best expresses the couple’s identity and fits the style of wedding they want to have.

At the autumn, which goes from day March 20th to June 21st, the weather is generally more moderate and therefore ideal for enjoying the natural light and take the best romantic photo clicks.

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Already in Winter, which begins on June 21st and ends on September 22nd – the colder climate attracts admirers of the countryside and its beauty. Even sunny and drier days have their charm during this period.

Spring, which begins on the day September 23rd and ends on December 21st, it is perfect for saying “yes”, taking advantage of the fact that the wedding flowers will be even more beautiful, and can even be part of the bride’s look.

And finally, we have summer, which runs from December 21st to March 20th. During this period, most of the family may be on vacation and, therefore, will be able to attend your wedding.

With the date confirmed you can now start thinking in the wedding budget.

2 – Have the budget at the tip of your pencil

Organizing the wedding budget is a very important phase and can cause butterflies in your stomach. Start your budget by defining the format and size of the celebration, She is the one who will govern everything.

You can list the number of invitations or guests, see the possibilities of where the ceremony can be held and then start planning other expenses, which vary greatly. This way you avoid spending more than what the couple set aside for this purpose.

Additional tip: list expected payments and add any additional expenses, adjusting according to your budget. Here on the blog you will find tips on how save on the wedding party.

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