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Health Spells and Chants: Heal and Protect Your Loved Ones

As a witch or a sorcerer, you probably agree with me that staying healthy is usually the most important thing in order to keep learning and growing wise. If my body is not healthy, my mind will notice it and my spiritual body too, causing further problems on different levels. Let’s see how we can use our inner powers to cast a health spell that works and prevent diseases to live a healthy life.

Health Spells and Chants

Health Spells

Health Spells

Being healthy depends on various factors. A good physical condition can keep you healthy, as long as it is in tune with your emotional and psychological layers. One recommendation is that you know how to transform stress into more positive energies. The human body is full of surprises, and each person might react differently to medical treatment. By using these rituals and casting these health spells you will be able to heal pain and stress not only on yourself but on your loved ones too.

There is an underlying connection between our body, mind, and spirit. These three cannot function correctly if they are not aligned. For health spells to be effective you must believe in what you are doing and understand their power in all levels. If you do them properly, you’ll feel full of light, full of energy. Put these spells into practice and avoid discomforts and diseases.

Before you Begin

Health spells can be complex. Before casting any of these spells for health and protection, make sure to read them very well, know and understand them correctly.

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The person organizing the ritual and casting the spell should be in a good mood. If possible, in a healthy state of mind. This will help capture and deliver positive energies to canalize them into the person who is suffering.

Always remember, you should not mix rituals or cast two health spells at a time. Also, while doing them, make sure you stay connected to what your body tells you. At every point, feel from within your body and try to pick up any signs of enhancement or discomfort.

A Ritual for Good Health

Health spells are effective, do not doubt it. You will need:

  • 1 white candle
  • 3 red candles

To start the ritual, cast a protection circle, for this, you can use your finger, athame or wand. When you’re done, place the white candle on your altar, facing North. Red candles should be placed in the other 3 remaining directions. Visualize your health improving (or that of your loved one) and chant with a firm voice:

“My limbs do not suffer from sores. My body doesn’t feel any pain. My health will always be with me. Let my body be cleansed of all disease, do not let it be destroyed. Grant that my body is healthy, clean, full of positive energies. So mote it be.”

Spells for health and protection

Spells for health and protection

Say this prayer once, then snuff off the three red candles and keep visualizing and feeling your goal. If it’s for yourself, smile and think of positive things. If it’s for someone else, picture them outside, laughing and enjoying themselves.

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Then proceed to extinguish the white candle that you had placed facing North.

Finally, close your circle of protection and finish your ritual.

It is very important that you be clear that health spells should be performed in comfortable places, with great calmness. Silence and peace are necessary for these rituals in order to achieve the level of concentration they require.

Your energies should now manifest all of the things you want, including, abundance and prosperity.

Health Spell on a Waning Moon

As its title suggest, this is a spell that must be cast during a waning moon, at night, for its full effectiveness. This is a good health spell for someone else.

This is what you need:

  • 6 white candles
  • 1 Patchouli incense stick
  • Incense burner
  • 6 Bay leaves
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Place the white candles forming a circle on the ground. In the middle of this circle, light the incense and put the bay leaves around it.

Meditate until you reach inner peace. Whisper in a clear voice the following chant:

“May the health of (Name) improve and increase. By the power of 3 by 3, rescue him/her from that terrible disease.”

It is important that you meditate and visualize your goal until the incense is fully burnt. Think of the person you want to heal, about their good qualities and good deeds while focusing on the silence and peace of the moment.

More Free Spells for Good Health

Maintaining a good health is important. This ritual is made to stay healthy forever. It is advisable to do it when you are already in good health.

Like the previous ritual, the elements you will need are simple:

  • 1 knife or small knife
  • 3 candles (white, light blue and bright red)

Start by carving your name with the knife on each of the candles. Once you are done, place the candles on the floor forming a triangle. Light one by one.

Candle ritual for health

Candle ritual for health

When lighting the white candle, say this loud and clear:

“This candle will protect me from all illness.”

Now, as you light the red candle, you’ll say:

“With this other candle my strength will rise”

Finally, light the blue candle. While doing so, say out loud:

“This candle will make me stay in good health”

Meditate for a while. You can snuff off the candles after a few minutes and set them aside to do the same ritual again the following week or month. This health spell can also be practiced when you are feeling weak or discouraged.

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Ritual to Prevent all Diseases

When we level our energies and get some grounding, everything goes better for us. Keep in mind that the body is a manifestation of our thoughts. Therefore, you should be aligned with yourself. That is, your mind, body, and spirit. Establish positive thoughts and above all, appreciate your body. Do this ritual to preserve your health in all regards.

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You will need:

  • 2 cups of sand.
  • 4 white candles
  • a container with a lid (it is important that it does not allow light to enter)
  • 1 large tray

How to cast the health spell:

Wait for a full moon night. Place the sand on the large tray and let it sit under the moonlight to charge with its power all night. The moon is a universal symbol of the feminine, immortality, water, and health.

Before dawn, store the sand in the container and close it tightly with the lid.

Now the sand is charged the energy of the moonlight, keep it sealed until the following night. If you wait longer, the healing force of your sand will decrease.

Choose a place with little artificial light, it should be an outdoor space.

Spread the lunar sand in the chosen place, making a circle on the ground with it.

Place the white candles on the north, south, east and west points. When finished, light them.

Stand in the center of the circle and with your eyes closed, breathe in through your nose until your body is relaxed. Extend your arms with the palms of your hands looking towards the sky.

Visualize a white light that descends from the universe, penetrating into your body through your head and going into every corner of your body. Let yourself be filled by the light of the moon. Each of your limbs should feel lighter and brighter. Visualize it washing your entire body and then going down into the ground through the circle of sand.

Spells for healing

Spells for healing

Open your eyes, breathe in 3 times. Now, sweep the sand with a broom and dustpan. Bury it somewhere near your home.

Seeds of Health

Health spells have their place and time to be effective. This ritual with seeds must be done on different days depending on who is casting it. If the spell is cast by a woman, it must be carried out on a Monday. Now, if the seed ritual is done by a man, he must choose a Thursday.

You will need:

  • 5 corn kernels
  • 1 red candle
  • Red paper
  • A pocketful of camphor seeds

Place the corn kernels on a plate. To its right side, place and light the red candle. It should remain lit for about an hour. Do not leave it unattended.

At night, before going to sleep, grab the plate with the corn kernels and place it under your bed. Try placing it right under where your feet rest.

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At dawn, take a piece of the red paper. You will place the corn and camphor seeds on top of this paper.

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Wrap the contents with the red paper and place it on your altar. Leave it like this for the next three days. At the end of the third day, go to a corner of your house and place the red package there.

The power of corn deflects evils. The properties of the camphor allow you to take care of your health. With this spell, you will enjoy a life full of health and well-being.

A Spell to Heal Depression

Depression is perhaps the most common mental and psychological affliction of our day. Nine out of ten people suffer from this condition to a greater or lesser degree. That does not mean that all nine suffer from a severe case of depression, or that everyone needs psychiatric help. But if you think you suffer even a little, it is better to seek help. Use this mental health spell to get some relief:

What you will need:

  • 1 piece of Angelica root (for a woman)
  • 1 pine cone (for a man)
  • Sage essential oil
  • Rosemary incense branch
  • Pen and paper
  • White candle
  • Red flannel bag

In this ritual, you will create an amulet that will allow you to heal the depression of a certain person.

If the person is a woman, carve the initial of her name on the root of the plant. Then dress it with the sage oil. If it is a man, just add a few drops of the oil to the pine cone.

Using the pen, draw a figure of a small dog on the piece of paper. As you do so, say:

“May this canine fill you with health (name of the person)”.

Good Health Spell For Someone Else

Good Health Spell For Someone Else

Place each of the objects in the red flannel bag. Then, light the white candle and the incense.

Close the red bag and pass it three times above the candle. Visualize the person you want to help, fully happy, healthy and smiling.

You must deliver, at the end of the spell, the red bag to the person who you dedicated the ritual. Encourage them to keep it with them at all times.

In a week, the person will have an improved mood, and so will their health be improved.

Now, if you can’t give them the bag, do not worry. Keep it in a place where you can see it and remember about it. Meditate on it every night while you send your energy to that person.

Important Note

Use caution when dealing with serious diseases. If you are having an emergency, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. When in doubt or under severe physical pain, always visit a doctor first. These spells are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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