Natives with the Sun in Gemini are born with a strong desire for self-expression. These people are often extremely curious and are as interested in gathering information as they are in sharing it. Find out more about this sign by reading the full post:

The Gemini symbol then shows the Roman numeral “II”, and mentions the duality of the human being and the fraternal bond. Due to the fact that he is one of the Air signs, he is also notoriously fickle and particularly curious.

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The Gemini woman:

It is communicative, sensitive, mysterious, intellectual, rational and intelligent. The Gemini woman is a pleasant companion and a friend at all times. She often acts like a girl, demonstrating shyness and innocence. But don’t be fooled, because it’s just appearance.

Gemini uses tricks to always get what she wants. Very sociable, she talks to everyone naturally. In fact, this is its main characteristic. It is through all this talk that she demonstrates her talent and creativity. Gemini women have great creativity, in the sense that they can think of unusual solutions to any problem.

The Gemini man:

Charming, creative and spontaneous, this native usually lives surrounded by people. It’s a surprise box. It’s so unstable that even he doesn’t understand himself. For this man, there is no bad time for anything. He accepts everything, lives in search of adventures and good humor is always present in his life. He knows how to win over with words, it’s easy to get caught up in the Gemini’s good talk.

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Best combinations for Gemini in love:

Geminis are excellent partners when find someone with the same vibration – lively and good-natured – otherwise they prefer freedom rather than making a commitment.

That’s why they make a perfect pair with people from sign of Gemini: both of the same sign will be able to have a lot of fun and enjoy a life full of experiences. Of Libra sign: perfect combination as they both enjoy social life, love participating in cultural events and don’t refuse a new trip. It’s from Aquarius sign: They are great friends with an enviable partnership and harmony in ideas.

The Gemini sign and friends:

That friend you can hang out with talk about everything when it’s kind of random, funny by accident, that’s the Gemini friend. She’s the friend you call to take a walk to the mall, go to a new exhibition, go to the beach or go backpacking.

Gemini has been to everything, but she doesn’t know how to explain why, it just seemed like fun. Her sensitivity to other people’s feelings is not usually very acute, but Talk to her, and she’ll give you a good tip for a book or movie related to what you’re going through.

The Gemini sign and family:

The Gemini way of relating to family, and people in general, tends to be looser and more detached. If there is fun, it is inside. If there are demands and burdens, she/he will probably always have some other commitment to attend to.

It’s a little difficult to be as linear and constant a presence as some people might expect in the family, however, his way of demonstrating this affection is by encouraging studies, suggesting fun activities and always having something to talk about.

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Curiosities about the Gemini sign:

Gemini’s strengths: intelligent, witty, observant, affable and lighthearted;
Gemini’s weaknesses: excessive talking, scattered, superficial and nervous;
Gemini likes: friendships, asking questions, freedom and exchanging with other people;
Geminis don’t like: monotony, demands and too much intimacy;
Stone of the sign of Gemini: Jasper is, above all, indicated for anchoring more earth in the excess of the Air Element of Gemini, in addition, Azurite improves focus and improves a punctual vision;
Flower of the Gemini sign: People of this sign find it easy to reason quickly. Lavender fits these characteristics, as it has different attributes and is easy to socialize with other flowers.

Gemini Ascendant:

The Gemini Ascendant asserts itself through exchanges and communication. After all, this is the sign of curiosity and expression. Therefore, he is always questioning everything and looking for more information and different points of view. He likes to externalize what is going on in his head, needs to have space to verbalize things and is rational in his way of understanding the world. Movement is the keyword of your personality!

People with this sign on the Ascendant tend to be flexible, curious and restless.

Moon in Gemini:

Lunar Geminis are generally pleasant, witty, and charming people. At home and with family, however, they can be moody and irritable at times. People with the Moon in Gemini are always interesting and curious people.

Perfect jewelry for Geminis:

Geminis use tricks to always get what they want. Very sociable, talks to everyone naturally. It is through all this talk that she demonstrates her talent and creativity.

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Therefore, the jewelry for these very special beings, in addition to the pendants from the Signos Ouro e Prata Collection, are the jewelry with stones in the color citrine/orange/yellow, which you can find at .