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Fire Agate – Learn all about this powerful stone now

Among the various stones with special properties and powers we have the fire agate. There is no consensus on the classification of this stone. Many claim to be Carnelian, while some argue that this stone belongs to the Opal group. How about knowing a little more about this stone, its application, type of energy, related signs and much more?

The meaning of the fire agate stone

Despite the existing doubt about the classification of the stone, its powers and characteristics are very specific. In terms of meaning, this stone can be considered the “stone of good”. She is very related to the earth.

The name Agatha refers to a Saint who lived around the 3rd century. However, the name only became popular because of a world-famous detective novel author, Agatha Christie.

The power of the fire agate stone

The power of Fire Agate is to maintain balance between the forces that make up the universe. Between positive and negative forces, yin and yang. The healing power of this rock can also be observed, varying greatly depending on the color of the stone.

Some of these stones are used to invigorate physical conditioning. When applied to manes, its main purpose is to ensure protection.

Signs and professions with Fire Agate influence

Stones tend to have a greater effect on certain signs. This property is closely related to the energies emitted by the stone, its color and type. Fire Agate stone brings more results when applied to people of the sign of Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces and Scorpio.

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In professions, this stone is indicated for those who work as a driver, policeman, worker and salesman, for example. These are professions that demand protection, guaranteed by the stone and its properties.

Discover the properties of fire agate stone

Among the properties of this stone stands out its great healing power. It has the same principles found in medicinal waters, providing vitality to the body. As a healing crystal, Fire Agate exerts an influence on the organism.

But Fire Agate not only acts on the body, but also on memory, allowing for greater balance and harmony. Not to mention the stone’s potential to bring more strength to the human heart.

How is Fire Agate used?

This is a stone that can be used for many purposes. Due to its great healing power, it purifies the organism and also the soul of those who use it. It can help in balance and harmony, especially in negative and positive ways.

Learn to Use Fire Agate in Meditation

The Fire Agate stone can be used to facilitate the attainment of more advanced and deeper states, in addition to protecting the person during practice. It also helps to awaken the higher chakras, protecting against bad influences.

The therapeutic effects:

Chakras – Fourth Heart
Health – Vision
Indication – Gastritis

Technical features:

Occurrence – Rare
Hardness – 6.5 – 7 Mohs
Origin – United States, Czech Republic, India, Iceland, Morocco, Brazil.

Fire Agate bringing the effect on the Chakra: Recharge of energies and greater vitality for sex life.

Learn how to clean and energize the Fire Agate stone

Stones receive various energies throughout their existence, either through contact with man or energies from the universe. That’s why it’s important to get in the habit of cleaning and energizing your Fire Agate frequently.

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The process is simple and involves the use of salt water. Afterwards, simply wash in running water, ensuring deep cleaning of the stone. Energizing, in turn, can be done in several ways, all of which are very simple.

Through solar energy it is possible to recharge all the energies of the stone. Just expose your stone for some time, under direct sunlight.

Just like solar power, moon power can ensure full energy for your stone. The exception is the full moon, which is not recommended for energizing stones.

Many positive forces are emitted by nature, which is why leaving Fire Agate in natural environments also promotes energization. The energies of nature are less intense, so it is worth leaving the stone in this environment for long hours.

Now you know a little more about the fire agate stone, its properties, main characteristics and care that must be taken. Keeping the stone always energized guarantees greater results for the user, who receives all its influence.

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