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Taurus and Gemini – Can you find a balance?

Taurus and Gemini are very different in love. While one is detached and always has one foot behind him, the other gives himself up body and soul and goes blind. Have you identified which is which? That’s why the music “Thermal shock” by Luan Santana translates this couple’s relationship very well!

And whenever one lets go, the other catches
If one is cool, the other wants a fight, and gets out of the way
I wanted to be present and she was always absent
There’s no love that can stand

But calm down! There’s a way for everything. In this article, we’ll show you how each of these signs must give in to make this relationship last. Check out!

Taurus matches Gemini?

Taurus natives are calm, firm and practical. But they also know how to be fierce when necessary.

Gemini people are the two in one type. Gemini are actually two people disguised as one.

Gemini is bright, courteous and versatile. He usually speaks six languages, has two degrees and even plays the saxophone in his spare time!

However, exactly one of his qualities, versatility, can be a defect for Taurus. This is because the ease with which Gemini has to change their point of view gives Taurus an uncomfortable feeling. This feeling prevents you from trusting the Gemini.

The plus point is that Taurus also unconsciously has a sense that they have something to learn from the bright and quick person that Gemini is.

For their part, Gemini sympathizes with Taurus’ reluctance to throw away security in favor of the unknown because they know how the unknown can lead you down an unpleasant path.

Still, if you ask me if Taurus gets along well with Gemini, the answer is that this is a pretty tricky combination.

It’s a fact that Taurus would like to take life more casually, like Gemini, think fast, throw away the past without regret, and jump from one adventure to another. But what if… someone breaks into the house and steals Taurus’ precious possessions while he’s enjoying a trip with Gemini?

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What if he falls and breaks his leg jumping next to the Gemini? What if the clubbing life gives you a sore throat?

Differences between Taurus and Gemini

Taurus is a determined and dogmatic person who likes to do everything the way it has been tried and tested. These traits sound a bit prejudiced for Gemini, who are liberal and open-minded.

On the other hand, Taurus is suspicious of Gemini for the simple fact that Gemini has the gift of manipulating words with ease and transforming silly stories into narratives of adventure, emotion and humor.

Another point of conflict is that Gemini’s aerial detachment can hurt and irritate Taurus. For Taurus, detachment is a way of ignoring your partner.

But Gemini knows how to melt Taurus’ heart like no one else: just drop an affectionate word or two and give him a warm friendly hug.

Relationship between Taurus and Gemini

Taurus woman with Gemini man

Does Taurus with Gemini work? In this relationship, we can describe the Taurus woman as the person who is sitting under a rosebush carefully embroidering the words “Home Sweet Home” on a piece of fabric.

The Gemini man is tapping his restless fingers on the windowpane, humming a song.

No matter what stage or point of the relationship they are at, Taurus and Gemini in love will find a crossroads in the path that will force them to decide which way the relationship will go: comfortable and conventional or casual and no strings attached.

Taurus will try to seduce Gemini to stay in the traditional relationship and will use all her weapons to do so.

She has more weapons to seduce than you can imagine: erotic sensuality, tender affection, rich humor, fantastic homemade cookies, patience and courage.

If none of this works – and she is really in love – then surely this woman will take a deep breath and accept the free love of Gemini.

Taurus takes time to get carried away by the fragile promises of Gemini. But when she falls… yiiiiii… she’s gone. No crane is able to rescue her.

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Gemini is like Taurus when it comes to taking time to surrender in love. However, even after falling in love, keep one foot behind to give you a boost in case you need to get out.

Gemini tenderly gives one of their hearts to Taurus. But he clings to the other in case something happens to his heart. It’s a kind of Gemini insurance policy against disappointments.

On the other hand, the Taurus woman, always so cautious, has no emotional insurance against hurt. She gives herself body and soul! Taurus love is sometimes blind.

On the other hand, Taurus has only three moods: sweet and affectionate satisfaction, meditative spirit, and dark fury.

As Gemini likes to explore the various facets of his woman, as he is easily understood, he may provoke Taurus so that she shows her capricious impulses.

In order not to awaken the provocative side of the Gemini man, the Taurus native needs to be open to change, risking new and wild things once a week.

It doesn’t have to be anything revolutionary, just comb your hair in a different way or change the brand of your body cream.

Taurus and Gemini will need a lot of patience and willingness to make this relationship work.

Gemini woman with Taurus man

The Taurus man’s slow, fiery passion is not aroused easily, much less quickly. It grows in him slowly, creeping in gradually and gathering great strength over time.

However, once he is involved, he will never be able to make a choice for himself. He will be totally surrendered – even when he has to go through unexpected hurricanes of rage from the Gemini woman.

Nothing and no one can influence this man – so sensible about most things – when he is in love.

From the moment the practical Taurus is caught in the web of love, he is able to firmly fulfill his promise of fidelity and loyalty.

This seems like every girl’s romantic dream, except for the Gemini girl. Gemini likes to fly free, like a kite. She hates the possessiveness of a Taurus in love.

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Another point where it is difficult for Taurus to get along with Gemini is that this woman actually has two! Taurus will need to make these two women happy.

The Gemini’s willingness to socialize with both men and women shouldn’t be a problem for Taurus.

Believe me, Taurus: she can be deeply committed to you even if you need the company of dozens of other people. You need to understand this need for this relationship to work.

Taurus and Gemini in love have difficulty communicating. For example, when it comes to money, Taurus and Gemini totally disagree: she wants to spend it while he wants to keep it. When it comes to food, he wants to eat and she hates cooking.

The Taurus man will have a hard time understanding the ever-changing Gemini mood. She can change from happy to depressed and generous to mean in the snap of her fingers.

Taurus and Gemini in bed

The same problems faced by Taurus and Gemini in the relationship, such as the stubbornness of the Taurus and the fickleness of the Gemini, are also reflected in this couple’s sex life.

Taurus wants to be well-loved. For this sign, the physical expression of love should be a rich and profound experience.

Gemini, on the other hand, doesn’t like such depth and feels a little invaded by the Taurus way.

Gemini is very detached, but if you allow Taurus to show you the way to more intense affection, you may like what you experience.

So, Taurus, invest in the first contact: the kiss. Taurus and Gemini’s kiss takes time to sink in. Taurus likes a sweeter, gentler kiss. Gemini wants something faster and full of desire.

But when this meeting of lips comes together, no one can control the horny of these two.

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