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Find out what attitudes men admire most in women

People don’t admire others for their physical appearance, but for their attitudes towards others. Men are no different. At first, the exterior may attract attention, but behavior makes all the difference: women who act kindly are always appreciated. Of course, there are some “tricks” that have been known for a long time and others that are not so obvious, although quite simple.

O awesome.club gathered some characteristics of women’s behavior that simply captivate men.

1. A smile is the best business card for any woman

Psychologist Nancy Hanley described a woman’s smile as “a sign of peace”. During an experiment, a group of men had to assess, from photographs, how attractive those women were. of the “scowls”.

Smile more often!

2. Self-confidence

The lack of confidence in herself can be noticed from miles away, because it is reflected in everything: in her gestures, words, eyes and posture. This quality does not make a girl more charming. A shy person is overshadowed by someone more energetic and is unmemorable.

If you are not confident enough in your appearance, then make yourself a new hairstyle. If you’re not satisfied with your body, go to the gym. Getting a job you want also helps boost your self-esteem. Taking courses, gaining knowledge and reading books are also capable of raising self-esteem. Remember: looks aren’t everything.

3. The ability to surprise

Do what people don’t expect from you, be unpredictable. This doesn’t mean you have to dance on the table or swear more than everyone else at the party. For example, if everyone in the group smokes and you don’t, that makes you stand out from the crowd. And the reverse also works. It may not be good for your health, but it’s a different attitude. Do you play some instrument? Excellent! It is not necessary to brag. Speak up when you have context in the conversation.

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4. The ability to listen to your partner

As psychologists say, “talking about ourselves is one of the most pleasant conversations for human beings”. But people are really remembered for their ability to listen to each other. When we tell our problems to someone who listens carefully, we are relieved and feel better. If you go on a first date and listen to what the other person has to say, you may not get together or see each other again, but you will be remembered for your ability to listen.

5. Kindness to everything and everyone around you

There are people who love to complain about everything around them. They are indignant with the government, with their parents, children, wives and husbands, bosses and subordinates, bus schedules, illnesses, work and weather – nothing is ever good. They talk endlessly about problems, difficulties, and how “life is hard” for anyone who will listen.

In this context, a person who sees and talks about the positive side of things is great to keep around. Tell good news, share interesting information. People will want to talk to you more! It’s great to live with positive people.

6. Passion for something

It is very important that a woman, in addition to her relationship, has other interests and activities in her life. It’s impossible to spend all your time thinking and living only for your partner. There are people who do not tolerate this kind of attitude.

Cooking well and keeping the house clean and tidy is great. But without personal development, a person becomes uninteresting, demanding and irritable. Therefore, it is necessary to be involved in activities that will bring you joy, to do things that you want to be fully involved in, something that can make you forget about your husband or boyfriend for a while. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s wonderful to meet someone who has a sparkle in their eyes from doing things they love.

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7. Healthy selfishness

Many women suffer for years from the inappropriate behavior of their husbands, which goes against all logic and common sense. There are those who believe that “it’s better to have a man like that than to be alone” or that “he’s actually a good person, a nice guy, he’s just going through a rough patch.”

This behavior is called “cheating on yourself”. And when you cheat on yourself, the man will have “the right” to cheat on you again and again, always. Once you forbid him to act that way, he’ll start to respect you. We need to love and respect ourselves above all else and that is not a selfish attitude.

What other subtleties of female behavior do you know? Share in the comments!

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