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Easter phrases for Boyfriend (overflow love!)

Happy Easter! May our love remain sweet as chocolate and may our affection increase every day.

May peace and love spread throughout your life. Happy Easter!

Chocolate bunnies aren’t as sweet as you are. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! May distance not be an impediment to sharing love.

May this date be a symbol of the renewal of our love blessed by the hands of Jesus, our Lord. Happy Easter!

My love, may the joy of Easter invade your heart!

Happy Easter my love! For you, lots of chocolate-flavored kisses.

First of all, I came to say that I remembered my best gift. Thank you so much for the moments, the affection and the care. Happy Easter!

Easter is love, it’s forgiveness and renewal. May all this be part of our history!

May this Easter be as sweet as my affection for you!

May faith and the celebration of rebirth be present in our relationship. Happy Easter my love!

May this Easter have, in addition to chocolate, a lot of happiness. I love you!

May our love always be as sweet as an Easter egg. Love you!

Easter has been bringing a message of peace, hope and love. And it is this same love that I think of when I wish that we can, every Easter, celebrate our union together.

You know chocolate makes my head, but nothing compared to you. Happy Easter!

May this Easter, our hearts be united by the bonds of love.

Easter is time to celebrate! Thank you for being part of my life.

In addition to lots of chocolate, I wish you a day when every minute means a lot… Just like you do to me! Happy Easter.

Happy Easter! May pure feelings of love, fraternity and affection be reborn in you.

May the sweetness of chocolates be present in our union. Happy Easter!

May the bunny bring much more than chocolate eggs, may he bring lots of love and affection. I love you, happy Easter!

If Easter symbolizes renewal, may we give a new meaning to our history. Happy Easter my love!

Easter has arrived and this Sunday I want to reaffirm once again that nothing is more important to me than this love I feel for you. Happy Easter!

May your Easter be very happy and may I continue to be part of your life. Good Easter!

Easter is about love, hope and happiness. May we have a lot of each in our relationship!

Better than chocolate is being able to spend this Sunday by your side. Happy Easter!

This Easter of resurrection and reaffirmation of feelings will lead us on the path of sincere and lasting love.

Easter is a good time to reflect on our lives… And how I love the one we are building together! Happy Easter.

May this Easter, in addition to a lot of chocolate, you gain a lot of love and affection. Happy Easter!

With the resurrection of Jesus, I learned that love is eternal. May our love always be like this. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to the one who makes my Sunday sweeter than chocolate!

May the Easter Bunny fill our hearts with new emotions so that our celebration is complete with love and happiness!

Honey, may we have a sweet and happy Easter together. Love you!

Just like the spirit of Easter, love also needs to be constantly renewed… And that’s what we’re doing! Every day by your side is unprecedented and incredible. Happy Easter my love!

Easter is love. Easter is the union between two beings who love each other. Thank you so much for the complicity. Happy Easter!

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