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Dreaming of thorns: understand your unconscious alert!

To dream of thorns means that your unconscious is giving you a clear message of care and attention. This is because thorns are generally represented in our culture as a symbol of physical suffering.

Therefore, it is common to relate this dream to bad omen and the arrival of bad news. However, dreaming of thorns can also symbolize intense feelings and moments of overcoming.

To know the difference of each interpretation, it is necessary to value the small details of your dream. Was the thorn in your hand or on your clothes? Was it a thorn of a red rose or a cactus? The answers to these questions will guide you on the path to your dream meaning.

Here, we are going to talk about all the meanings of dreaming about thorns. But we always recommend consulting with a specialist if you want to deepen your understanding.

Dream about thorns: what does it mean?

Let’s start with the good part: dreaming about thorns can show that something very good is coming your way. It could be a situation or a person that will bring you a lot of joy and that will help you overcome the difficulties you have been facing.

However, dreaming of thorns can also be a bad sign. In this way, the message he conveys makes you open your eyes to people or situations that harm you. Therefore, you must be careful of the traps and difficulties imposed by people who say they want your good, but who are not your real friends.

Thorns in dreams also mean that you need to prepare yourself for possible problems in your health as they represent physical suffering. Usually related to the martyrdom of Christ, the thorns show that you need to take care of your physical and spiritual body.

It is clear that there are different interpretations to explain the message that your unconscious sends you when dreaming about thorns. Here, we will guide you on this journey by explaining these meanings.

Dream about thorns on the body

Dreaming of thorns on the body is not a good sign as it means that a loved one is going to face serious health problems. It can be a family member and a friend, but the important thing about this message is that you must show all your support to that person.

To help you face this situation, check out the health articles below:

Dream about thorns in your hands

Again, we have a warning sign here, but this time related to your work. To dream of thorns in your hands symbolizes your behavior in the work environment. Therefore, the way you act in your office is not pleasing people, especially the malicious ones.

Perhaps you played an innocent prank, but the effect was detrimental to your integrity. Therefore, your unconscious is warning you to pay more attention to your attitudes at work.

Is the problem with your boss? Do this sympathy to make the boss like you.

Dream about thorns in clothes

The thorns on your clothes alert you to people who bring negative energies into your life. Have you ever stopped to reflect on the people you relate to? That’s because you carry within you a little bit of them too.

So, be extra careful with people who can harm you and put you in danger. This is the symbology of dreaming about thorns on your clothes that you cannot ignore.

Dream about stepping on thorns

If you dreamed that you were stepping on thorns and you did not feel any pain, then the dream means that you have well-evolved spiritual values. That’s why banal and ordinary things don’t bother you so much.

However, if you felt pain when stepping on the thorns, you are likely to face a phase of defeats and complications.

In this way, you will feel unmotivated and irritated. But what path to happiness is a road without curves? So don’t be discouraged that we separate 3 prayers to help you in this difficult time:

Dream about thorns in flowers

To dream of thorns in flowers shows that, among your group of dear friends, there is someone who plays the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. In other words, pay attention to people who don’t want your good, but who pretend to be friends.

In this way, try to find out who this person is and distance yourself. Your unconscious is warning you that you don’t need these people in your life. On the contrary, it is likely that she will harm you a lot.

Dream about roses with thorns

In this dream, the message is clear: to achieve happiness, you will touch many thorns, representing obstacles and difficulties. That is, dreaming of roses with thorns means all the stumbles that you will make before experiencing the taste of success.

In this way, you need to understand that to enjoy the beauty of a rose, you will touch many thorns. And each of them symbolizes a different and necessary learning for your personal evolution.

Dream about red roses with thorns

Attention: if the thorns of the red rose are highlighted, the unconscious is saying that you will suffer a possible betrayal of the loved one. Therefore, this dream advises you to take care of yourself more and to be more attentive, otherwise you could get hurt.

However, if you are afraid of picking up the red rose for fear of its thorns, the dream means that you are afraid of intimate and sexual relationships.

Dream about cactus thorns

Do you consider yourself a proud person? For this dream means that you have a very proud personality. Of course, it’s healthy to be proud of your accomplishments. However, here we are talking about the stubbornness of a hard head.

To dream of cactus thorns symbolizes all the missed opportunities because of your temper. In addition, you went through very difficult phases for not having the ability to ask for help, in times of difficulty.

How about stopping being stubborn and admitting that you need help? Surely, you would make these moments more peaceful to overcome.

You saw here how dreaming about thorns can represent different messages. It is necessary to carry out a deep self-analysis to identify the symbols and put into practice the teachings of the unconscious.

Therefore, we suggest that you consult with an expert to discover a more accurate interpretation of your dream.

Tell us here in the comments if you’ve dreamed about thorns lately and how these explanations helped you to come to a conclusion. Did you like this article and want to stay on top of more meanings? Check the dream dictionary from A to Z – all interpretations.

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