Did you know that do all the colors that are close to your face reflect on it, and does this apply to both your clothes and your accessories?

Accessories, whether discreet or flashy, add a special touch to the look. Being used in different everyday situations, they attract even more attention if they are harmonized with your skin tone. Some tonality rules can help a lot to enhance your appearance even more. Want to learn tips on how to match accessories to your skin tone? Stay with us in this post.

Knowing your skin undertone:

To know how to match accessories to your skin tone, it is important to discover your skin undertone, which can be cold, warm or neutral. This undertone has nothing to do with your ethnicity, but with a layer of skin that cannot be seen (as if it were underneath your skin itself).

To find out yours, simply observe the veins on your arm in sunlight: if they are bluish, your undertone is cool and if they are greenish, your undertone is warm. And if you have difficulty identifying between bluish and greenish tones, your undertone is neutral.

And now that you know how to identify your skin type, let’s move on to the ideal accessory combinations for each one.

Cold undertone:

Those with cold undertones are better off with silver metal accessories. Furthermore, jewelry with stones in pink, purple, red and blue are the best harmonies.

18K Gold Earring|18K Gold Necklace Point of Light|Silver Half Ring

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If your undertone is neutral, take the opportunity to mix gold and silver accessories, we made a post with several tips for combining gold and silver!

Knowing your skin tone and knowing which colors flatter you should be an asset to use them to your advantage, and not to deprive yourself of certain colors.

The secret is always balance, without pressure. Use the colors that make you happy and those that flatter you too!

A good tip for all skin tones is to invest in classic pearl. As it has a neutral color, it matches any skin tone and will look good on any occasion!

Did you like our tips? With them you won’t be able to go wrong when choosing your jewelry!