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Asturian wedding in the Aguirre family


Starting tomorrow, the family of the president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, will have a new member of Asturian origin. Cristina Aguirre Gil de Biedma, one of Aguirre's sisters, will marry that day in El Escorial with the civil engineer José Manuel Ferrer Granda.

Ferrer Granda is the son of José María Ferrer from Luanquín. Although he was born in Madrid, he has always been closely linked to Asturias, where he currently works. The groom's father is a first cousin of José Peláez Granda, father of the regional representative of the Popular Party Luis Peláez. The wedding will be held at La Granjilla de la Fresneda, the property that the Aguirre family owns in El Escorial and which was once the country house of Felipe II. When the wedding of Ana Aznar and Alejandro Agag was going to take place, La Granjilla was named as a possible venue. Esperanza Aguirre and her children have also gotten married on the family farm.

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