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Androgynous celebrities that will pique your curiosity

Androgens are people who have both masculine and feminine characteristics in their appearance. Many believe they are somewhere between the genders, male and female, while others do not identify with either gender. Be that as it may, celebrities who have androgynous characteristics can be called chameleons: they can easily play characters of the opposite sex of their biological sex, just as they can transform into fairytale characters with minimal makeup. They also have the benefit of enjoying unisex fashion, which is gaining more space and offers a range of options.

More and more celebrities with androgynous traits are appearing, which means that directors can explore their creativity to the fullest. O awesome.club has separated a list of some actors and musicians who have not only very beautiful appearances, but also highly androgynous. They attract attention not only because of their looks, but, of course, also because of their talent. Check out!

1. Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is a master of transformation. Her very fair skin is ideal for representing vampires; Her unusual face shape is perfect for the witch roles and her androgyny helps her with the male roles. The directors offer Tilda the most complex roles that other actresses would likely turn down. Viewers are always very surprised by the actress’s unusual works.

2. Bill Kaulitz

Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz gained greater popularity in the early 2000’s. Billy’s look has always caused a lot of controversy and many people thought he was a girl. Her hair, sort of like a skunk’s tail, her well-made-up eyes and her very delicate face were in the memory of many fans. Nowadays, Billy continues to stand out for his more extravagant appearance, from clothes to makeup, but in a different style. Many don’t know, but Billy has a twin brother named Tom and who recently became the husband of Heidi Klum.

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3. Cillian Murphy

Many critics call Cillian a “chameleon” actor. This is not just a coincidence: he could easily pass for a transgender character or even a psychopathic terrorist. Her striking blue eyes make anyone a little envious, her well-defined cheekbones and big lips end up giving Cillian plenty of character opportunities on the small screen.

4. Glenn Close

Cruella de Vil is one of the characters most remembered by any child born in the ’90s. It was a pretty memorable performance that brought much glory to Glenn Close’s career. In another film, she played a girl who pretended to be a man. Believe it or not, some think the actress looks like Robin Williams. We think that this thought may have a grain of truth. Is that you?

5. David Bowie

The extravagant Bowie has always stood out for his androgynous outfits on stage: makeup, feminine dresses, high heels. Aside from the clothes, Bowie had a very unique demeanor and an extraordinary look as a whole. It was these details that made him an artist unlike any other, which in part helped him become a legend in the music world. In 2013, the singer recorded a music video for the song The Stars (Are Out Tonight)in which androgynous models and actress Tilda Swinton participated.

6. Gwendoline Christie

Many remember Gwendoline as Brienne of Tarth from the series game of Thrones. Both on screen and in real life, she has an unmistakable appearance: 1.90m tall; very fair skin; blonde and unusual face shape that would make many jealous.

7. Timothée Chalamet

8. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has repeated several times in interviews that she considers herself neither a woman nor a man. Such comments made her a true queen of androgyny. Gaga has a male stage “character”, which is the Italian brute Jo Calderone. The singer said her art is heavily influenced by David Bowie, whose image she immortalized by getting a tattoo of the singer on her body.

9. Charlotte Gainsbourg

The unusual, not-so-delicate features of Charlotte’s face, combined with her exuberant charisma, make the actress’ image stand out in the movies. No wonder she is the muse of the controversial Danish director Lars von Trier. The actress does not hide that she likes to wear more masculine clothes, is not very fond of makeup and sometimes prefers to go out with her hair disheveled.

10. Jared Leto

Jared Leto is a very talented actor and musician. He has long hair, very striking blue eyes, a certain femininity, which makes him an extremely versatile artist. We can’t forget about Jared’s role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. In his daily life, the actor does not hide his feminine side: he paints his nails frequently and uses mascara and eye shadows. And it is also worth mentioning that Jared Leto is the new Dorian Gray, as the actor is 48 years old, but appears to be at most 25.

11. Zoë Kravitz

12. Eddie Redmayne

Very delicate and feminine features helped Redmayne to play Lili Elbe in the film The Danish girl, a character who was one of the first transsexuals to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Eddie, who is already quite thin, still needed to lose 7 kg to play this role. What actors don’t do to tell a good story!

13. LP (Laura Pergolizzi)

Laura Pergolizzi is best known by her pseudonym “LP” and gained greater popularity after the release of her hit Lost on You, which went viral overnight: 300 million views. From the first seconds of the song, many are confused if it is a singer or a singer who is performing. Even after finishing the video, you may still be in doubt. Laura has a lower tone, more “square” facial features and a very thin body without many curves. This, as well as his beautiful curly hair, make LP an indisputably androgynous-looking celebrity.

In one of her interviews, the singer confessed: “I have many stories of when they thought I was a man. Women with their daughters coming out of toilet stalls in rural towns here screaming, ‘What are you doing in the ladies room?!’ I just reacted with a smile: ‘Let’s all keep calm. Your daughter is not in danger’”.

If you were to direct a movie, what role would you give only an androgynous actor? Comment!

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