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9 Non-Obvious Evidences You’re More Attractive Than You Realize

It’s no secret that the way we perceive our appearance is different from how other people perceive us. Many women critically evaluate their own physical appearance, always thinking about changing some detail. However, big eyes, long legs and full lips are not the main criteria for measuring beauty.

O incredible.club researched and found some very interesting scientific data about the characteristics that reveal the attractiveness of women. After meeting them, most likely your opinion of your own appearance will change for the better.

Blondes get more attention

Studies have shown that most men choose blonde women when starting a conversation or asking someone to dance.

However, blondes should pay attention to one detail: nature gave them this hair color (which can be considered a bonus for some people); changing it won’t make them more flashy. On the other hand, women with red hair or brown hair need not be desperate; the secret of attraction is not just in hair color. Keep reading and discover other aspects that are even stronger and more interesting.

Breast shape is more important than size

There is a stereotype that the bigger the breasts, the more attractive the woman is. In reality, things are not quite like that. Studies have shown that medium-sized breasts are generally considered more beautiful; moreover, the most important thing is its shape. Firm breasts, even very small ones, are considered much more attractive.

Pleasant smells increase the attractiveness of the face

Perfume is not just a way to highlight a woman’s personality. It also makes you more attractive.

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In a study carried out by Monell Chemical Senses Center, a group of men and women were asked to rate photos of some women. During the process, the organizers released scents of fish oil and rose oil in various proportions. When the pleasant aroma prevailed, the photos received better ratings.

However, it is important to know that, when applying this logic in our daily lives, it is essential to understand that very intense perfumes can bother others. It is always better to opt for lighter and fresher scents.

If the face looks young, the physique is less significant

It is very common for women to learn from an early age to take care of their facial skin. Studies have shown that a youthful face has a stronger effect on attractiveness than a body. This is explained by the fact that the face is subconsciously associated with good health and reproductive capabilities.

Beautiful legs draw as much attention as breasts and butt

Breasts are not the most attractive part of a woman’s body, nor is her butt. Research indicates that most men look at women’s legs more.

Louder female voices are more pleasing to the ears

If you have a strong voice, you probably already get some extra points when it comes to being attractive. Studies show that women with a low voice are perceived by people as dominant; women with a loud voice are considered more attractive. Depending on the speaker and the situation, you can raise or lower your voice to produce the desired effect.

Very long legs lose out to medium length legs

The curvature in the lumbar region is another aspect that makes women more attractive.

It’s no surprise that defined thighs and butt are very attention-grabbing. However, there is another aspect that attracts attention, perhaps more than the rest: the curvature of the back. What happens is that the most attractive women tend to have a more pronounced curvature in the lower back. The same thing happens with pregnant women, and that makes them more beautiful in the eyes of others.

Sympathy greatly increases the power of attraction

Several studies have shown that men value kindness and diligence. Likeable women are perceived by men as more feminine and much more attractive.

Bonus: A tilted or upside-down face looks better

When you tilt or turn your head, your face looks more beautiful. It may sound strange, but that’s what one study concluded.

And for you, what is the most important aspect of a woman’s power of attraction? Share your opinion in the comments.

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