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80 phrases of honesty to demonstrate the importance of being truthful

Always opt for honesty: only it guarantees a clear conscience and peaceful nights sleep.

I may not be a millionaire or have a high IQ, but my honesty will always be my hallmark!

Not a coin in your pocket, but character full of honesty? You are a rich person!

I prefer a life of failure than a dishonest acknowledgment!

I don’t pretend to be better than anyone, but I want to be the most honest person in the world.

I don’t know what life would be if it wasn’t for honesty to support my steps!

An honest person doesn’t need an audience to show his honesty.

I don’t want luxury, nor do I fight for impossible dreams, a little honesty is enough for me!

You may have acquired many things in life, but nothing is more valuable than having great character.

A good and honest heart will always feel the power of gratitude.

To be honest, it doesn’t take much, just stick to what you say and practice good principles.

The world is not for the smart. It’s from honest and true people. The cleverness, one day, is discovered and turns to shame. Honesty becomes an example for future generations. One corrupts life; the other ennobles the soul.

Honesty thrives in all conditions of life.

Honesty is praised by everyone, but it freezes to death.


Money can bring happiness, but not satisfaction! Satisfaction comes when he is honestly conquered!

No heritage is as rich as honesty.

William Shakespeare

No property, no amount of gold and silver, is more estimable than honesty.


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