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75 phrases from son to mother filled with affection and affection

You gave me life, love and affection. My mother, I am eternally grateful to you!

Beatriz Mello

Today here alone I prayed, here in my little corner I cried. Crying I swore, I swear that from today I’ll do my time, I’ll be closer to your feeling. My wealth, mother, is your love!

Rick and Renner

Of all the immensity of words that our language has, none of them is able to express all the love I keep for you inside me.

Beatriz Mello

Mother is the one who generates, is the one who loves. She is the one who sings a lullaby and who in a hug makes fear pass.

Naiara Azevedo

My mother is a warrior. Strong, capable woman who fights and learns from life. Of all the heroes, she is the one I admire the most!

Beatriz Mello

My mother, I know what you suffered for me without complaining. You would give your life for me, just to defend me. You would do anything for me without regrets.

The Magic Balloon Gang

The years have come and now it’s my turn to repay all the care you had for me, Mom! Thank you for everything.

Beatriz Mello

Our hands still fit right, I ask an angel to accompany me. In everything I saw my mother’s voice, in everything I saw us, alone in this uncertain world.


Mother is queen, living proof that being perfect doesn’t exclude flaws, it’s being love in its human form.

Beatriz Mello

Your heart is like this: a flower that blooms every morning, a source of love that is endless. God made you like this to take care of me!

Aline Barros

Mother goes beyond blood. It’s the daily affection, the affection that overflows from the chest. The right word in the difficult time, the certainty that she is the only one who will be there at all times.

Beatriz Mello

When I get really sad, I take my mother’s picture and hold it tight to my chest. My hands stop shaking…

Gal Costa

All the love inside me, I dedicate to you, mother!

Beatriz Mello

Mother, my love for you is for eternity. In him I find the perfect refuge to drown any sadness I may feel.

I miss you everyday. The lack of being a child and making sure you were able to face all obstacles.

Beatriz Mello

You are the one waiting at the window, the bird that comes from afar so beautiful. The hope that burns in heat, you are the translation of what love is.

Pluto mushroom

Your voice, Mom, is able to take me back in time. Remembering an amazing childhood and his smile full of love when he let us know the cake was ready. Every slice of him was like a piece of cloud in the sky.

Beatriz Mello

I don’t exist far from you and loneliness is my worst punishment. I count the hours so I can see you, but the clock is wrong with me.

Adriana Calcanhotto

For me, God is a woman and has my mother’s face, features and love.

Beatriz Mello

You always saw far beyond what others could see and because you prayed, I won. Mom, I don’t deserve you. Mom, I thank you. Mom, you are priceless. Mom, you’re all good.


On sleepless nights, I remember you. How you sang, affectionately, the lullaby of your favorite singer.

Beatriz Mello

I have so much to tell you, but with words I can’t say, how great is my love for you!

Roberto Carlos

Mom, how many compliments and memories fit in such a small word, but so immense in meaning? You are the reason I exist and I try to be a better person every day.

Beatriz Mello

Before, I didn’t understand why. Why didn’t you understand me, Mom? But now I see through your eyes and everything you did was out of love.

Spice Girls

My admiration for you goes beyond barriers. You are my shelter, the certainty that I will always have a home to return to, no matter the difficulties.

Beatriz Mello

Wait, my mother, I’m coming back. How I miss a kiss from you.

Chitãozinho and Xororó

Your motherly affection is what I take to every aspect of my life.

Beatriz Mello

Mom, your lap always there, love, so pure love.

Fabio Jr.

I know we go through difficult times, growing up is not always simple. I went through discoveries and had my choices. Now I realize that you always loved me, even when we encountered barriers.

Beatriz Mello

Of all the love I have, half you gave me. Saving my soul from life. Smiling and doing my self.

Maria Gadu

If today I struggle, work and try to be a better person, it’s because you taught me to grow in life. It’s my turn to repay all the sacrifice you’ve made for me, Mom!

Beatriz Mello

If I didn’t love you so much, maybe I’d lose the dreams inside me and live in darkness.

Ivete Sangalo

Mom, I miss you. I miss your constant affection, your hugs saying everything is fine. Even the fights because I left my slipper turned, but there is no distance that erases all the love I feel for you!

Beatriz Mello

You know, it’s been a while since I wanted to tell you about the things I carry in my chest. Saudade, I no longer know if the right word to use. I still remember your way.


I know, Mom, that I’ve been away the last few days. In the midst of the rush, I forget to say that I love you, but I hope you are well.

Beatriz Mello

Good thing you exist. To know and take care of me if it’s sad here. And teach that it is not and life is better when you give love.

Ana Vitoria

I love you, my mother! You are the divine gift that God has placed in my life and I have no words to describe how grateful I am for everything you have given me.

Beatriz Mello

My mother, my heroine. My mother, my divine flower. I thank God so much for having a mother, which many people have but don’t appreciate it, others don’t and today they cry for her love.

Lindomar Castilho

Mom, count on me for everything! From a coffee on the weekend, to going to the market to pay the bills. My gratitude for you is eternal, for you I do everything.

Beatriz Mello

Mom, there is nothing in this world like having your maternal affection. I feel like a child in your hands.

Mattos Nascimento

My angel, you are in my prayers and thoughts. I want for you all the happiness the world is able to offer us. I love you!

Beatriz Mello

So, Mom, I thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. You are here for me, and I for you. And together we always overcome!

Christina Aguilera

Mom, the smell of brewed coffee still reminds me of you and all the times I saw you wake up early to take care of me. Her strength is that of a warrior woman. Thank you for everything!

Beatriz Mello

I already know in advance that you did everything for me and you never want me to suffer, because I am your only son.

Erasmus Carlos

There is no more precious figure on Earth than you. Every day, I realize even more everything you went through to be here today. Thanks!

Beatriz Mello

Mom, I need to say I love you, I won’t forget you. When in heaven I find you with tears of love, I will water you. My mother, my flower!

Rescue Angels

Today, with my son, I realize how strong you were and all the love you gave me. I hope to take care of him with the tenderness and patience you raised me. Our loving bond spans generations!

Beatriz Mello

Mother, you are a goal for poetry. The inspiring muse of a poet, who discovered the source of love.

Beloved Baptist

Now I see your white hair, your skin that already shows the years that life has given you. You’ve never been so beautiful!

Beatriz Mello

It’s about, from an early age, learning to recognize your voice. It’s about the infinite love that has always existed between us.

Ana Vilela

Mom, you gave me another lesson: how time affects everyone! But even with his power over us, he is not able to take what is most important: love.

Beatriz Mello

Mom, your love reveals that I can count on you at any time. By your side is where I feel safe to be at peace.

I hope that one day you can forgive me for everything that happened. Rest assured that my love for you remains intact and today I fight to make you proud of me, despite everything.

Beatriz Mello

Mother, in your grace, is eternity.

Carlos Drummond deAndrade

Thank you for everything! Being here today is the result of all your sweat. You are my greatest admiration, I love you forever!

Beatriz Mello

Mother: there are only three letters, those of that blessed name. Three little letters, nothing more… And in them the infinity fits.

Mario Quintana

Our thoughts are different, but our heart beats the same way. Our love goes beyond any argument or problem. I’m here for you no matter what.

Beatriz Mello

I carry your teachings in my head and your love in my heart.

Mother, your brightness shines through your tenderness of being a woman, your ability to know how to deal with the world and problems, and your feeling of affection is capable of curing all the cruelties in the world.

Beatriz Mello

I didn’t forget anything, Mom. I keep your voice inside me. And I leave you the roses.

Eugénio de Andrade

You are the gracious angel I have in my life, who protects me, guards me and is always a home and refuge.

Beatriz Mello

Your name I bring, mother, in the palm of my hand.

Sergio Capparelli

My love for you is huge. Words cannot express it and no building, mountain or planet is big enough to measure it. Thank you for everything!

Beatriz Mello

Mom, it’s all right here, I’m living as we once dreamed. I just want to thank you, all that suffering you taught me…

Henrique and Diego

Mom, you can be the best cook, best singer, most beautiful and caring woman on this planet. You are perfection in the shape of love!

Beatriz Mello

I know your strength, mother, and your fragility. Both have your courage, your vital breath.

Antonio Ramos Rosa

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother like you close to me. Your knowledge of life is a gift you give me everyday.

Beatriz Mello

Mother, know that your love is my north, my guiding star.

For me, you spent sleepless nights. So much effort just shows me how great your mother’s love is!

Beatriz Mello

Of all the blessings that God has bestowed on me, the greatest was being his son. I love you infinitely!

Thank you for translating your love into words of affection and care. Through your gestures I feel the most genuine affection.

Go, my sadness and tell her that without her it can’t be. Tell her in a prayer, that she come back, because I can’t suffer anymore.


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