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6 Yemanj√° prayers for 2022: attract love and protection ūüĆä

Want your new year to be prosperous and abundant? Count on the strength of the Queen of the Sea: Iemanj√°’s prayer for 2022 is a powerful tool of faith for those who seek protection and opening paths.

It is quite common for people to perform rituals and tributes to Iemanj√° on New Year’s Eve. As it symbolizes a cycle that ends and another that begins, the Universe potentiates the spiritual intentions of those who place their wishes for better days in the orix√°s at the end of the year. But you can go further!

Below, we present a selection of Iemanj√° prayers for 2022, which can be said on New Year’s Eve, on the first day of the year and throughout this new cycle. Ready to start 2022 with the strength of the lady of the waters?

Iemanj√°: who is the Queen of the Sea

Have you ever noticed that New Year’s Eve in Brazil is usually celebrated on the beach, near the sea, with people dressed in white jumping over the waves? If you have already encountered this scene, know that you have witnessed a popular ritual to Iemanj√°.

Why is the Goddess of the waters so honored in the new year?

Iemanjá is a very respected orixá in Umbanda and Candomblé religions. In fact, she is known as the mother of all orixás, so she rules families, homes, pregnant women and fertility as a protector of union and harmony.

In addition, as Queen of the Sea, Iemanj√° counts on the force of nature to give a familiar meaning to relationships in which there is love and respect, whether blood or not. Therefore, it acts as the power that awakens the feeling of belonging.

If you are also interested in honoring the Goddess of the waters this New Year’s Eve, discover 6 Iemanj√° prayers for 2022.

6 Yemanja prayers for 2022

1. Yemanja’s Prayer for 2022: Prosperity

“Mighty forces of the waters, Inãe Janaína

Sarav√° my mother Yemanja

Take it to the depths of your sacred sea

Odoi√°, all my misfortunes and misfortunes

Bring from your sea all the spiritual forces

To support our needs

Peace, hope, Odofiab√°

Sarav√° my mother Yemanja


2. Iemanj√°’s Prayer for 2022: Opening Paths

“Oh! Iemanjá, mermaid of the sea. Sweet song, lull the afflicted.

Mother of the world have mercy on us.

Blessed are the blessings that come from your Kingdom.

My heart and soul are open to receive Iemanj√°’s blessings.

Mother who protects, who sustains, who takes away all pain.

Mother of the Orix√°s, Mother who takes care of and watches over her children and her children’s children.

Yemanja, your Light guides my thoughts and your waters wash my head.

I hate Yemanja.‚ÄĚ

3. Yemanja’s Prayer for 2022: Love

“Odoiá, Odoiá, Iemanjá

Queen of Waves, mermaid of the sea.

How beautiful your singing is, lady!

Who listens cries, mother of the waters,

of the ocean, sovereign of the waters.

Give me success, progress and victory.

Open my ways in love and take care of me.

May the sacred waters of the ocean wash my soul and my being.

Bless my mother, my family and my friends.

Allow love to be our greatest source of energy.

I am your waters, your waves, and you take care of my ways.

Yemanja, in your power I trust.

Thank you mother Yemanja.

For your strength, for your life, for your infinite love.‚ÄĚ

4. Yemanja’s Prayer for 2022: Peace of Mind

‚ÄúOh! Iemanj√°, mermaid of the sea. Sweet song, lull the afflicted. Mother of the world, have mercy on us, Blessed are the blessings that come from your kingdom. My heart and soul open to receive your blessings. Mother who protects, who sustains, who takes away all the pain. Mother of the Orix√°s, a mother who takes care of and watches over her children and her children’s children. Yemanja, your light guides my thoughts and your waters wash my head.‚ÄĚ

5. Iemanj√°’s Prayer for 2022: Protection

“My Mother, Queen of the Sea, take to the bottom of the sea all the negative energies, all the envy, all the demands and all the difficulties that are in my life.

Take all disappointments and sadness to the bottom of the sea, keep me away from people who don’t wish me well, who have feelings against you.

Bring from the bottom of the sea, axé, peace, harmony, love, keeping my family together and prosperous.

Protect me and mine, from all those who wish us harm, who wish us the worst, making their tide take them away from our lives.

May with your salty waters, cleanse my heart of all sorrows, making balance, peace and joys permanent in my life.

My beloved Mother, Queen of the Sea and of Calunga Grande, bring prosperity, good work, and material abundance, may all my efforts be rewarded by you.


6. Iemanj√°’s Prayer for 2022: New Year’s Night

“Sweet, sweet and dear Mother Yemanjá.

You allowed the primitive forms of life to form within your abode,

Who were the cradle of all creation,

Of all nature and all of humanity.

Accept our prayers of recognition and love.

May the flashes that emanate from your diaphanous mantle of stars come,

As beneficial spiritual vibrations,

To alleviate the ills, heal the sick, appease our angry brothers, comfort the afflicted hearts.

May flowers and offerings that we place on your sacred carpet be accepted by you

When we enter the waters to offer them to you, be the waves of the sea carrying your divine fluids.

Make, Lady Queen of the Waters, with which the foam of the waves,

In its immaculate whiteness,

Bring us the presence of Oxal√°.

Cleanse our hearts of all evil and ill-will.

May our bodies, touched by your holy waters,

Free yourself in every passing wave,

From all material and spiritual evils.

May the first wave to touch us drive away from our minds all possible desires for revenge;

May the second wash our hearts and our spirits,

So that the infamies and malice of our enemies do not reach us;

May the third wave drive away vanity from our hearts;

May the fourth wash our body of all physical ills and diseases

So that, healthy, we can proceed;

May the fifth wave drive greed and greed from our minds;

May the sixth wave come loaded with flowers

And that our greatest desire is to cultivate the brotherly love That must exist among all men;

And that when the seventh wave passes, We, pure and clean of mind and soul, can see, Even if for a few seconds,

The splendor of your radiant image.

This is what the children of Umbanda humbly beg of you.‚ÄĚ

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