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55 Easter bunny phrases to celebrate with love

The date remembers the resurrection of Jesus and brings messages related to life, hope, faith and love. To the easter bunny phrases they are a way to celebrate. We selected 55 options, which can enhance cards, WhatsApp messages and posts on social media!

What does the rabbit mean at Easter?

The animal is a symbol of Easter because it reproduces a lot and in large litters (6 to 8 puppies), which links it to fertility, birth and life expectancy. Get inspired by our list of easter bunny phrases:

1 – β€œEaster Bunny, what do you bring me? 1 egg, 2 eggs, 3 eggs like that!” 🐰

2 – May the Easter Bunny bring chocolate eggs and also good feelings to our hearts.

3 – Happy Easter! May the bunny bring much more than chocolate eggs!

4 – May the Easter Bunny be generous with you!

Easter bunny phrases (Photo: Pixabay)

5 – The Easter bunny brings a special message: Jesus is alive!

6 – This Easter, I hope the bunny brings lots of chocolate and positive thoughts to you!

7 – Easter Bunny, what do you bring for me? Endless love, joy, smiles and friends.

8 – May the bunny bring the sum of all good feelings. 🐰

9 – May the Easter Bunny bring you forgiveness, hope and lots of chocolate.

10 – May the Easter Bunny come with a positive message about life!

11 – May the Easter Bunny awaken your spirit for rebirth.

12 – The Easter Bunny is arriving with lots of love and chocolate eggs.

(Photo: Pixabay)

13 – The Easter Bunny comes to wish you endless happiness.

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Funny Easter Bunny Quotes

14 – The crisis is so bad that I asked: β€œEaster Bunny, what do you bring for me?” He viewed it, didn’t respond and even blocked me.

15 – I don’t know whether to buy an Easter egg or an apartment facing the sea.

16 – I exchange my iPhone for an Easter egg. 🐰

17 – The bunny will go bankrupt with the prices of Easter eggs.

18 – 80 reais for an Easter egg!? What’s inside? A job?

19 – I’m already doing the math here and… At Easter, it will have to be a chicken egg!

20 – For the price of chocolate, the one who is preparing the Easter eggs is the goose that lays the golden eggs, not the bunny!

21 – More than R$60 for an Easter egg? It’s good if the filling is 8 hours of sleep, financial stability and a bae on your side.

22 – Hallelujah Saturday, Easter Sunday and Despair Monday.

23 – Trickster is the Easter bunny, who fills you with chocolate and only stays on the carrot! 🐰

24 – I hope that, this Easter, your happiness is like a rabbit: it reproduces non-stop.

25 – Easter Bunny, what do you bring for me? 1 kilo, 2 kilos, 3 kilos like that!

26 – This year, the budget allowed me to buy an Easter egg the size of a chicken egg.

Phrases about the meaning of Easter

27 – May chocolates and almonds not distract us from the true meaning of Easter.

28 – The resurrection of Christ is further proof that love and life are eternal. Happy Easter!

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29 – Happy Easter! May communion and peace be abundant in our hearts.

30 – Take advantage of Easter to accept love and forgiveness with an open heart.

31 – Easter is a time when God transformed the inevitability of death into the invincibility of life.

32 – Take advantage of Easter to make peace with your spirituality.

33 – In addition to honoring the death and resurrection of Jesus, Easter is also a time to celebrate love.

34 – May sadness be transformed into smiles and joyful laughter this Easter.

35 – β€œOur old story ends with the cross; our new story begins with our resurrection.” (Watchman Nee)

36 – Jesus died and rose again to show the world the true meaning of life.

37 – Easter is not a day of chocolate, it is a day of Jesus and how he lived again to love us.

38 – Easter is not a day just to eat chocolates, but to remember the example of the one who died and rose again to leave us the most important lesson: love.

Short Easter phrases

39 – May everyone feel the energy of Jesus in their hearts this Easter!

(Photo: Pixabay)

40 – Easter is a time of new beginnings. Rewrite your story!

41 – The great gift of Easter is hope.

42 – May the spirit of Easter be with us every day of the year.

43 – Easter: resurrection of love and the desire to be happy.

44 – May we celebrate with sweetness, but also with tenderness.

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45 – Easter is transformation.

46 – Easter is synonymous with lots of love, understanding and forgiveness.

47 – Happy Easter! It’s time to say β€œyes” to life.

48 – Easter is change, a miracle!

49 – Easter is a time to celebrate life and renew the spirit.

50 – Easter is a time to think about mistakes and make amends.

51 – Easter is a second chance.

52 – Easter is a time to celebrate life and renew the spirit.

53 – May your Easter be sweet.

54 – Easter renews feelings of love, fraternity and compassion.

55 – Easter is the renewal of life.

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