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50 phrases from God for friends who stay by your side always

Good morning friends! May today be blessed by God, our mighty and savior.

My friend, put God at the beginning and He will take care of the end.

It was God who chose you to be the best friend I could ever have.

Rescue Angels

Friend, every night I surrender your life in the hands of the Lord and I thank you for having you in my ways.

Put your life in the Lord’s hands, trust Him and He will help you.

Psalms 37:5

Get on your knees and pray until you and God become close friends.

Billy Graham

God will do more than you can imagine, my friend!

It’s beautiful to see God’s care in putting people in our lives, and how important they become.

God wants to be your friend, to be an intimate part of your life. He is waiting for you.

Be a friendly shoulder to those who need to know about God’s love.

There are people that God randomly sends to show us that all the things we’ve been through are still worth it.

When we say “take care of me” in our prayers, God sends us friends.

No true friendship is possible apart from friendship with God.

Friends are sisters that God allowed us to choose.

No matter how much you have distanced yourself from God, he will always be waiting for you there.

John Clare

In true friendship we can experience the affection of God himself.

The same place you were humiliated is where God will make a point of honoring you. Strength, my friend!

Those who hope in God are never disappointed, trust.

Dear friend, do not look for in others what is only found in Jesus.

I have no doubts: it was God who put me in your life and put you in mine!

Friend, even when you can’t understand, God is watching over you!

Fernanda R. Silva

Friends are pampering from God, caresses in the soul, affection in the form of a beautiful presence.

Dear friend, if necessary, God will open the sea in your favor!

You are not alone, I am praying for you!

When you pray, God hears. When you wait, God prepares. When you believe, God makes it happen!

In God’s time everything will be fulfilled, just believe.

Give your life into God’s hands, for only He knows all things!

Fernanda R. Silva

God knows your destiny, knows your heart and understands your needs.

Friends are always friends, when God is their Lord.

Michael W. Smith

Friend, God is going to make your desert a beautiful garden!

Pray, not until God hears, but until you hear God!

The pen that writes your story is in God’s hands.

It seems that some friends God makes a point of handpicking to introduce us.

Dream big, because your God is great!

God always has his hand outstretched toward you, it’s up to you to choose to hold it.

Fernanda R. Silva

If not even death could stop God’s love, do you think your mistakes can?

Friend, don’t be in a hurry! Ask God first if it’s the right direction.

It’s hard? Pray. Is it impossible? Wait, that’s when God starts to act!

May the love of God be a constant presence in your life!

Fernanda R. Silva

You will only understand God’s plans when you stop living yours.

God is guiding your every step and decision. Just trust and move on!

Turn your worries into prayers, my friend.

Good things happen when you pray.

Wipe that tear and smile, God loves you!

Let God guide your life and get ready for an amazing destination!

Fernanda R. Silva

God is not 190 to be called only in emergencies!

God doesn’t think it’s your drama, He understands your pain.

Sometimes God moves things around not to mess up, but to show us that there are other ways of looking at life.

Dear friend, feed your faith and all your fears will starve.

When God is your priority, a lot will change!

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