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45 phrases of welcome, august, for those who love change

It’s already August! So, how about putting a smile on your face in the month of good taste?

Welcome August! May from now on all be life and renewal.

August, you beautiful… Welcome!

May August be lived with less doubts and more courage in the heart.

May August bring the peace that the world wants and needs!

Welcome August! Be amazing and radiant as we deserve.

Goodbye, July! Take the bad things with you. And may August be very welcome!

May August come with pleasure… Of achievements, love, achievements and lots of happiness!

Welcome August! Inspire faith, optimism and hope.

I woke up without regret. With my good gait. Welcome August!

Welcome August! Great things are ahead, I strongly believe.

May August arrive smiling and bring peace, love, blessings and infinite joys.

May August feed in our hearts the strength and perseverance we need to end the year well.

Welcome August! With great faith I receive this new month, believing in God’s blessings for my life, my family and friends.

May the month of August be filled with gratitude, happiness and good feelings!

Come August, welcome! May we remain confident, with the certainty that everything is on the right track.

August: new month, new goals!

May August bring no regrets and may it be God’s pleasure!

Welcome August! Here only the good enters, only the good remains. May it be a beautiful month for things to flow!

With great faith, I receive this month of August! May it be filled with all the blessings that God has in store for us.

May our month of August be a pain… But a bag full of victories!

Welcome, August! I hope, with an open heart, that you exceed all expectations.

August, now it’s your turn!

August! That good taste of a fresh start, with new energy and renewed hope.

May August be full of good things and lots of positivity! After all, new chances are present now.

Welcome August! I’m sure we’ll really enjoy your sweet surprises…

With faith in God, August will be the best month of the year!

August: opportunity to start again stronger and more decisive, time to increase the dose of faith and optimism, time to overcome fears and limits.

May this month, my heart be at peace. Welcome August!

Welcome August! Just arrive with your good news.

Hello August! Welcome with your nuances… May it be a month of constant evolution!

Welcome, August: the month that lasts for approximately 2 years!

Come with pleasure, August!

Want changes in August? So forget all the heartbreaks.

Welcome August! May God bless you intensely this month that begins.

I wish you all much peace, love and a blessed month of August in every way!

Keep calm and welcome, August!

Welcome, August, month of good taste!

May the new month bring many blessings and victories, may we start over. Welcome August!

August is like a year in a month as it takes so long to pass. May these endless days be peaceful and teach us the wisdom we so desperately need.

Welcome August! Know that I was eagerly waiting for you!

Welcome August! I want to feel your essence that I like so much!

Don’t be discouraged! August is here for us to put things in the right places.

And here comes August… Welcome to it! May every dawn and dusk be as God wants.

Cecilia Sfalsin

Welcome August! May this new month that begins be dedicated to love.

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