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45 Madara Uchiha phrases to meet the villain of Naruto

Love is not necessary, power is the only true need.

There is no alliance. From now on, you will obey Konoha! And never, ever say the name of that shinobi next to me!

The person with the best dreams has the best chance of winning.

Power leads us to war, lack of power leads us to lose everything.

It looks like you still want to dance, but you won’t be able to take your best steps anymore.

When a person acquires the capacity to love, he must run a great risk of hating.

In this world, wherever there is light, there are also shadows.

There is no hope.

You’re pathetic.

If you focus on something, you can do anything.

The concept of hope is nothing more than giving up. A word that has no meaning.

You’re not a true leader if you don’t walk with your men.

Power is not will, it is the phenomenon of making things happen physically.

The way to be champion is the way of freedom.

The selfish desire to protect peace causes wars and hatred is born to protect love.

As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers.

It’s the life cycle. How did you live so long and still not learn anything from our painful past?

You have the best gift you can have, life.

Man seeks peace, but at the same time he longs for war.

There is no light, no hope, there is only despair.

Don’t improvise when there’s something you can’t handle.

Thinking about peace while shedding blood is something that a human being can do.

Where there is light there will also be darkness. ⁠

All human beings live with the wrong assumptions.

From the bottom of your heart, you felt kindness and compassion for others.

Itachi planned this fight for you, Sasuke.

The man who cried tears of blood while smothering his emotions and killing his brothers, failed to kill him.

If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.

Faith has an abstract concept.

What if we dance for a while?

Today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy.

The strong devours the weak. That’s the law of the shinobi world.

The longer you live, the more you realize that there really is only pain, suffering and futility.

It will be a new world, a world of truth, not lies.

Everyone lives in their own illusions.

Don’t improvise what you can’t control.

You know you’re alive if you feel pain.

If you want to resign, then do it. But never forget this challenge.

Sometimes retreating is the best way to achieve happiness.

Don’t improvise when there’s something you can’t handle.

Even the strongest of opponents always have a weakness.

I taught you that to control people, you need to use the darkness in your heart.

Every war starts with a conversation.

He had to fight you and die before your eyes, Sasuke.

Do you think dying together counts as “teamwork”?

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