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42 phrases about music to turn on the sound and enjoy life

Music is the most direct art. It enters the ear, goes to the heart and manifests itself in the soul.

The art of music moves the heart, the mind, the body, it is part of who is alive! Sound is life, music is the art of those who live!

Thousands of people cultivate music; but few have the revelation of this art.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Music is art, not competition.

The world without the art of music is a world without inspirations and without registering emotions.

Music is the most perfect kind of art: it never reveals its last secret.

Oscar Wilde

Music is life, music is art, music is joy. No matter the language, no matter the ethnicity. Music was mankind’s greatest invention. Music enriches the soul and gladdens the heart. Without music, life would be no fun at all.

Music is an art firm that transcends language.

Herbie Hancock

Definition of music: an art that consists of combining notes, voices, sounds and rhythms. When bad it is discarded, when good, it is good for the soul.

Music is the most complex art there is. It can unite peace and war, love and hate, dialogue and silence, the pleasant to hear and the undesirable, disappointment and hope.

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