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35 phrases for self-interested people that drive away bad energies

The energies don’t lie and I feel interesting people from afar!

Anyone who respects the governor and doesn’t respect the cleaning lady is not a leader, but a self-interested one.

Leandro Karnal

Interesting woman is not worth what she is. A real woman works to get what she wants.

Mc Pedrinho

Being used hurts, but being used by those you believed in, one day, being a friend, hurts even more.

Those who love because they love him, are grateful. He who loves so that he is loved is self-interested. Who loves, not because they love him or for them to love him, he is only fine.

Father Antonio Vieira

The voluptuous are in need of companions in debauchery. Interested parties gather partners. Politicians gather supporters. The common of idle men maintain intercourse. Princes have courtiers. Only the virtuous have friends.


In a world of false appearances, be careful who you get involved with. Some people just want status.

Interesting, you don’t love anyone. You have no heart. You only cause harm to those who love you.

Anísio Silva

Interesting, who loves wealth and exchanges the tenderness of the most sincere love for an adventure.

Anísio Silva

Interesting people are empty inside and almost never have a personality of their own.

Interesting girl full of passion, wants to make waves with my face.

Gabriel Valim

When I had nothing, you didn’t even look at me and now that I’m blown away, you come running after me.

Rai Skirt Round

Beware of the self-interested, they suck everything out of your life, even your energies.

More than money, the world is driven by favor exchanges.

Haruki Murakami

Someone to whom we do small favors, hoping to receive greater favors in return.


Know how to differentiate friends, co-workers and fake and self-serving people.

The social media status doesn’t say, but I say: all fake and self-serving!

You act in such a way that you use humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always and simultaneously as an end and never simply as a means.

Immanuel Kant

You can always choose to live with interesting or interesting people.

Intuition always alerts us to the self-interested people around us. Be aware!

Friendships that are founded on interest, end on interest.

Antonio de Guevara

Be careful who claims to be your friend and is only there when it’s convenient. That’s not friendship, it’s interest!

Friendships that demand something from you in return are not real.

The false friend and the shadow only accompany us when the sun shines.

Benjamin Franklin

From interesting people I have pity and pity!

It is better to be thrown among lions than among flatterers: lions kill us quickly; the flatterers, little by little.

Augusto Cury

I want to have someone to talk to. Someone who then doesn’t use what I said against me.

Renato Russo

From the moment you have nothing more to offer, the interest disappears. And believe me, this is a deliverance.

Envy and betrayal always come from the people you have empowered the most.

Do you really want to know a person? Notice how she treats you when she doesn’t need you anymore.

Some people will love you only as long as they can use you. Loyalty ends when the benefits end.

Don’t mix with who you wouldn’t be.

I’ve been so used in this life that I always get a foot behind people.

A true friendship involves exchanging affections and never interests.

The worst self-interested person there is is the one who pretends to be a saint and good.

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