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25 Examples of Respect for the Planet that we should all follow

For a few decades now, a lifestyle more committed to respect for the environment has become a trend. More and more people and companies refuse to use unnecessary plastic and packaging, as well as disposable objects. For example, a Portuguese airline started to completely avoid the use of disposable plastic utensils during its flights. Thus, in just one stretch, this same company avoided the production of around 350 kilos of garbage. Now imagine the amount of waste produced daily with just this type of tool, considering that, every moment, 20,000 planes fly around the world.

We, from awesome.club, we are aware that not only large companies can collaborate for the balance of the environment: each one of us can and must do our part. In this sense, we present below 25 ways to cause less negative impact on the Planet.

1. In this store, fruits and vegetables are sold in bags made with a kind of fabric that is 100% compatible with home composting

2. The Portuguese airline Hi Fly Airlines was the first to stop using disposable plastic cutlery

3. “I wrapped all the New Year’s gifts using paper that came in an Amazon package”

4. If you collect hairs that fall from your pet’s body and place them somewhere outdoors, they will be used by birds to build their nests.

5. In this cinema, popcorn is sold in reusable buckets made of tinplate

6. Brussels has a store that sells products without packaging. In the foreground of the image, we can see soap and shampoo

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7. “I recently discovered the ‘Too Good To Go’ app, which gives users the chance to buy food for little money that would otherwise be wasted by restaurants, snack bars and other establishments. Today, I bought this from a hotel”

8. “I found this empty bladder while camping. Then I used it to wrap a friend’s birthday present.”

9. “The supermarket in my neighborhood stopped using individual packaging for broccoli. Small changes like these are very important.”

10. “These cotton cloths are for drying dishes. They are in one piece, even after 8 years of daily use”

11. This bakery offers pieces of dough as an alternative to the plastic or wooden sticks previously used to stir coffee or tea

12. “Each year, we wrap our gifts in pieces of fabric and tulle. No more using paper and producing a lot of garbage. Gifts are even prettier

13. How to avoid the unnecessary use of stickers: applying the information on the food shell itself

14. “Walmart near my house started selling soap without packaging”

15. “Turn old Christmas cards into gift tags”

16. McDonalds offers paper straws for drinks (Bangalore, India)

17. This backpack is made from recycled airbags and seat belts

18. “I was at an event where these pots were presented, which are rigid and completely biodegradable. They are called Sulapac, and I hope they become a worldwide trend.”

19. Starbucks gives away absolutely free coffee grounds to use as fertilizer

20. “I saved all the gift bags and wrapping paper for next year”

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21. “I crocheted a bag and shared my creation on Snapchat. In 10 minutes, I received 45 requests from friends interested in having one like it, as they want to stop using plastic bags.”

22. Rugs from old jeans

23. In order not to throw old guitars away, you can use them to make decorative shelves

24. “I almost threw this packing material away, but decided to use it as wrapping paper”

25. “I made reusable ‘cotton pads’ using an ugly coat my ex gave away”

Do you think the trend towards more environmentally friendly products is here to stay, or is it a fad that will eventually pass? Leave your comment!

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