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25+ Different and very fun ways to prepare eggs

Who has never been saved from hunger by finding a box of eggs in the fridge? They can be fried, boiled, scrambled or turned into a nice omelette. But there are those who know very different techniques and ways of escaping the trivial.

Coloring the eggs, stuffing them, putting gelatin in the egg white, preparing them in the shape of a flower with a sausage or simply making a hole in the bread to fit them in and bake them are some of the ideas we share with you.

If you are a fan of eggs, be sure to check out the tips from awesome.club and, who knows, surprise your family at the next breakfast. At the bonusa small portrait of the daily life of those who cannot live without eggs.

1. Colored and stuffed eggs are common in Easter celebrations in the United States

2. “Baby Yoda Stuffed Eggs”

3. Oh, how crazy! Egg whites boiled with gelatin!

4. Long eggs are always surprising. The recipe is a little laborious, but with skill you can get there!

5. There are those who master the technique, creating a “cake” with 12 eggs

6. These eggs take on a special shine after being hard-boiled, cooled in ice-cold water and marinated in soy sauce, water, rice syrup and spices. They are mayak eggs, a typical Korean cuisine recipe.

7. The technique of making cured egg yolks allows them to become hard and to be grated over pasta, for example. They are dehydrated with salt and sugar before being roasted.

8. Cheese sticks with bacon and mustard to dip in soft egg. A simple idea that looks very tasty

9. What grace! (You learn the trick in this tutorial from our Amazing Ideas channel)

10. Eggs stuffed and garnished with shrimp. Who wants?

11. Many people think that bolovo is a Brazilian invention. But the Scots are also fans and call it a scotch egg

12. A spiral baked egg

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13. Do you find it very difficult to prepare kitten-faced eggs? Click on the image to discover the secret

Click on the image to see the answer
Click on the image to see the answer

14. These eggs were molded inside onion rings and got a perfect shape

15. “Eggs cooked on a waffle iron are fantastic!”

16. It’s easy to prepare a different breakfast by making holes in the bread, inserting the eggs and placing them in the oven.

17. Look at the result! Hmmmm…

18. Mouth watering!

19. “Baked eggs on bread with cheese and parsley”

20. Bacon, avocado and egg

21. Egg pizza!

22. Egg salad? Also have!

23. One lucky day: this internet user found five eggs with double yolks

24. With a bit more luck, you might find triple gems!

25. “I reached fried egg perfection”

26. “My parents sent me eggs from their pet chickens and I made this!”

27. Plenty!

Bonus: “This is enough for a couple of weeks”, said the internet user who, apparently, cannot live without eggs

Do you usually prepare eggs in a different and fun way? Tell us about your technique, and if you have a photo of your artwork, just post it in the comments!

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