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20 Unexpected and Fun Celebrity Cameos in Film and Television

Cameos are small cameos of famous people in series or films at the invitation of directors, screenwriters or producers. Although we speak of invitation, these sporadic and momentary performances are generally well paid. The purpose of these appearances is to bring dynamism, grace and spontaneity to the plot, and we can say that, without a doubt, they achieve this goal.

O awesome.club prepared for you a list of some of the funniest, most important and unexpected cameos in film and television.

1. Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neill in Thor: Ragnarok

at the beginning of the movie Thor: Ragnarok a representation of a play is shown (which tells what happened in the previous film of the same saga), while Loki, posing as Odin, has fun watching. The protagonists of this work are nothing more, nothing less than Matt Damon, as Loki; Sam Neill as Odin; and Luke Hemsworth as Thor.

2. Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

In some media, Johnny Depp, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, revealed that he was inspired by Keith Richards to develop his character Jack Sparrow. That’s why Richards’ participation turned out to be quite interesting. In the film’s third saga, he played Teague Sparrow, Jack’s father, wearing an outfit similar to his son’s.

3. Stan Lee in Ralph WiFi: Breaking the Internet

In the famous animated film, based on the classic video game, we can see a special character: Stan Lee. During the film, a version of Lee with a square head and large glasses appears on the Internet, as a tribute to the comic book writer and editor.

4. Bill Murray in zombieland

5. Michael Jackson in MIB: Men in Black II

The King of Pop made a small cameo in the film MIB: Men in Black II, in which he plays an agent that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones call in for a consultation. Apparently, after watching the first part of MIB men in BlackMichael Jackson was eager to participate in the sequel.

6. Myke Tyson in If You Drink, Don’t Marry!

Former boxer Myke Tyson made a cameo appearance during the first part of the film. If You Drink, Don’t Marry! The protagonists of the film steal the boxer’s pet, who, upon finding out, fights with them, to later sing a song and even become friends with the guys. A hilarious and bizarre situation, very typical of this series of films.

7. Keanu Reeves in Spongebob: The Amazing Rescue

In the new film about the adventures of SpongeBob and his friend Patrick, the two embark on a journey to retrieve Gary, the snail from the boy in the square pants. In this difficult and important mission, Keanu Reeves appears to help the pair of innocent and deluded marine friends to recover their friend and pet.

8. Brad Pitt in deadpool 2

Brad Pitt appears for just a few seconds on screen during the film deadpool 2 🇧🇷 to bring Vanisher (a down-on-his-luck character) to life—one of his cameos and shortest appearances. Apparently, the actor’s children are such fans of Deadpool that almost forced the father to accept the role.

9. David Bowie in zoolander

In the comic film starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, singer David Bowie appears as a runway judge. Bowie was the one who judged the confrontation between Derek Zoolander and Hansen, a very funny scene, capable of getting a lot of laughs.

10. Britney Spears in Sabrina, the Sorceress’s Apprentice

11. Courtney Love in Empire: Fame and Power

The widow of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the group Nirvana, made an appearance in the series Empire: Fame and Power, which has been called “the queen of cameo series”. In this episode, Courtney Love plays a rock diva and takes the stage to sing a song. Without a doubt, this role was perfect for her.

12. Martin Scorsese in Hugo Cabret’s invention

There are several cameos that we can detect throughout this captivating film, and one of them is that of the film’s director himself: Martin Scorsese. In this scene, we can see the director dressed as a photographer of the time.

13. David Hasselhoff in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. two

Apparently, Star Lord used to tell his schoolmates that his father was the actor David Hasselhoff, but that he was always very busy filming The new super machine. The actor made a cameo appearance in the film, playing himself.

14. Matt Damon in deadpool 2

THE The truth is that, seeing the scene, no one could say that this man is the well-known and popular actor Matt Damon. But, yes, it’s him. Under a lot of makeup, with a quirky accent and wearing a hairstyle that matches the character, Damon plays a peasant whose truck was stolen while talking to a friend in the film. Deadpool 2.

15. Morgan Freeman in oblivion

16. Totoro in Toy Story 3

Totoro, from Japanese Hayao Miyazaki (My friend Totoro), makes his appearance in the film Toy Story 3, from Pixar, while cowboy Woody searches his computer for a map to get home. While not an expected appearance, it’s not surprising, as many of the company’s animators have Miyazaki as their teacher and guide.

17. Pamela Anderson in Borat: The Glorious Country’s Second Best Reporter Kazakhstan Travels to America

Borat is a man from Kazakhstan who is completely obsessed with actress and model Pamela Anderson. So at the end of the movie, he goes to a book signing for an Anderson book and tries to take her away. Many thought that moment was real and that the actress was being taken away by force. However, the actor claimed that it was a match and that she was making a small cameo in the film.

18. David Hasselhoff in Spongebob: The Movie

The actor appears live in the action scenes of the film playing himself. Hasselhoff offers SpongeBob and Patrick a ride on his back from the beach to Bikini Bottom, to finally hurl them from the surface to Krabs 2.

19. Ed Sheeran in yesterday

Ed Sheeran, singer-songwriter, who had previously made some cameos, now appears in the film yesterday interpreting the yourself. During his appearance, Sheeran is impressed by the lyrics the protagonist composes and actively converses with him. This has been, so far, his longest acting and guest appearance.

20. Justin Bieber in zoolander 2

The appearance of the famous Canadian singer is not very extensive, but it was highly anticipated and announced by various media. In zoolander 2, we can see Justin Bieber fighting a group of dangerous bikers, but without much success.

Did you notice these brief appearances? What was your favorite cameo?

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