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20+ Plant Fans Who Gave Their Hearts To Orchids

Orchids belong to one of the largest botanical families that has more than 700 genera and about 28 thousand species. Some flower growers suggest that this exotic plant is too demanding, while others are convinced that there are some little secrets that facilitate the flower’s cultivation.

The team of awesome.club likes to see orchids blooming, even if it’s in the pictures. However, it is difficult to resist its beauty and not rush to buy one.

“This plant already has over 96 flowers and large buds and it is still bearing new ones”

“I found a flower that suits me really well and I couldn’t resist buying it”

“The smallest plant and smallest orchid I have ever seen”

“I bought this as a gift for my grandmother at a market three years ago. She has 45 flowers at the moment”

“My mother’s orchid wall”

“My two passions came together for the first time. Yesterday, I polished this spessartite garnet and it turned out just like the lip of my favorite orchid”

“My Grandfather’s Extraordinary Flower”

“My dad finally got this black orchid to bloom after two years of trying”

“My grandmother’s plant is 40 years old”

“My little one just bloomed”

“My grandmother’s whimsical orchid”

“My ‘alien’ flower showing off her beautiful extravagance”

“A color gradient on my plant”

“My wife would bring wilted orchids home from work, saying they would still bloom. I didn’t believe it, but I was wrong.”

“My boss is taking this big girl for an evaluation at an orchid society. She must be over 20 years old.

“I grew this heart-shaped orchid as a gift for my mother. I had never done this before. I was satisfied with the result”

“My old lady”

“I love these flower pots above my bed. I always wake up to a beautiful view.”

“I don’t remember where this orchid is from or what it looked like before it bloomed”

“My first flower is a half-mutant”

“My father grew the biggest orchid I have ever seen in my life”

“I have a little over 180 orchids. It is an expensive and useless pastime, but beautiful.”

Do you also grow orchids or do you think they are too demanding plants? Do you have any other flowers at home?

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