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20 People who got a little surprise just as they were about to start eating

The history of gastronomy is made up of creativity, surprises and unforeseen events, and all of this can happen both in a five-star restaurant and in a cheap snack bar. But perhaps the place where the biggest surprises happen is the kitchen of our house. However, the unforeseen events end up creating great stories, after all they surprise both the people who prepare the food and those who venture to try them.

With that in mind, the team at awesome.club separated 20 photos of strange and beyond fun things that happened to some people when they were about to take the first bite of some food.

1. “I asked my mother-in-law not to remove the lid. When I came back she said it was ‘burning’ and put hot water on”

2. “I think my boiled egg has another egg in it!”

3. “I ordered a cheese and bacon burger without tomatoes. Only the tomato came

4. “Toasted cereal on my plate this morning”

5. “I bought two pizzas and one came with the ingredients directly on the cardboard, with the dough underneath”

6. “For some reason McDonald’s forgot a slice of bread”

7. “Three yolks in an egg. The odds are one in 25 million.”

8. “Anyone want some raw chicken cake?”

9. The perfect breakfast to start the day off right

10. “I saw this man’s huge milk shake and had to ask for a photo”

11. In this way, children eat more fruits and vegetables

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12. “The top of one of the Coke cans I just bought is upside down”

13. “My dough turned into a monster”

14. “The yogurt is exactly the same color as the pot”

15. This KitKat without the best part, the stuffing

16. When it’s not watermelon season

17. “No matter how you get it out, it will spill”

18. When you wait 30 minutes for the delivery guy and your pizza arrives like this

19. “There is a pizzeria here in town that has a pizza called Escama de Dragão”

20. “I forgot a can of chili in the back of the fridge and the mold that grew looks like wolf fur”

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you in the kitchen and what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever had when eating a dish?

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