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17 People who received gifts and treats so unusual that they will certainly be marked in the memory

There are many reasons to introduce someone, from important dates to special events. And there are always the “infallible” options, which usually please everyone and are the most popular when you don’t know the other’s taste, like giving money or commemorative baskets. However, some people end up being too creative — or even less — when giving a gift and end up creating a somewhat embarrassing situation.

We, from awesome.club, we believe that the most important thing when giving someone a gift is the intention, but, certainly, common sense should never be left aside. Check out!

“My daughter gave us this for Christmas and even decided to cover the bed, since we always ‘forgot’ to use the present”

“Here’s what I got in celebration of a year of service at my job. They even spelled my last name wrong…”

On the embroidered patch: “1 year service award”

“The headphones my sister gave me as a ‘gift’”

“Parents who put toys like this in birthday party favors: please don’t do that!”

“One of those toy whistles that just makes a loud, monotonous, repetitive noise…”

“Everyone at work got cool Secret Santa gifts and I got a car wax”

“My brother and I have a tradition of gifting each other odd finds at Christmas. Today, I found my gift for him.”

On the packaging, in free translation: “Surprise unicorn candle. Reveals a skeleton when burning”

“My girlfriend gave me the best present ever. She might end up being my fiancée after that.”

“My friend got this as a gift”

“My girlfriend is giving away this fizzy eggplant bath. Banana for scaling purposes”

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“My son just got this shirt as a gift. So far he has been enjoying the reactions he is getting from people”

“He got these shorts as a gift from the hydrogymnastics class he teaches”

“Not the worst gift in the world”

Inscription on the mug: “Not the worst of parents”

“Gift exchange between brothers”

Inscription on the box: “Couldn’t buy a present this year, so I brought this box for you”

“The warehouse I work at stood out as number one for the company in the first quarter and management promised a big award. Here’s what it was

“Today is Teachers’ Day. The principal said that she had left ‘surprise snacks’ as a present for us”

“My favorite is the snack bag left over from her last flight in the top left corner”

“My husband’s gift for his five years of work arrived today…”

“The gift I got from work: a fork with my name on it and a lottery ticket. They gave this to 30 employees.”

What’s the weirdest gift you or someone you know has ever received? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments section.

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