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17 Netizens decided to open the memory album and share their worst childhood photos

During a lifetime, a person can wear a dozen different haircuts, change styles dozens of times and even change his worldview. Therefore, in old images, it is common for people not to recognize themselves anymore, and it is precisely because of this that some keep these portraits under lock and key. But the heroes of our today’s post not only shared their photos from the past, but also commented on the time in their lives when they were taken.

O awesome.club was delighted with the sincerity and ability of netizens to laugh at themselves, and selected the funniest photos to share with you. Check out!

“After almost 20 years… I am finally ready to show the world what I did with my eyebrows when I was 12”

“Won a free photo shoot in 2001 but refused to take my dad’s sunglasses off during the shoot”

“My first day of sixth grade. It looks like it came straight out of the Lilica Ripilica catalog.”

“At 9 I wanted to be a bad boy. What makes it worse is that it was my mother who took this photo.”

“My best friend and I (right) took this photo in 2004 after shooting our first Backstreet Boys music video. By the way, we are girls

“Was I a student or a teacher? Sixth grade was cruel, he was only 12 in this picture.”

“I was bullied a lot, even by adults. But one day when we had an alumni reunion, a guy from high school told me he always wanted to ask me out but was intimidated by my confidence.”

“Somehow I looked like a sad middle-aged librarian when I was 12”

“My first day at school during my exchange program in Japan in 2003. I don’t know what’s worse, my haircut or these knee socks”

“Vroom vroom! A new one arrived bad boy in the city”

“Me at 14 in 2003… I am a woman”

“I think I was the youngest loan shark in history”

“Just a Barbie in a Barbie world. This photo was taken sometime in 1998.”

When I was a kid, I loved clothes like these. You look like one of those nice girls straight out of a kids video. © veevacious

“For my 10th birthday, I got what I had dreamed of for a long time — a glamorous photo shoot. I’m pushing 40 now, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that I look older in these photos than I currently do.”

“Not going to lie, I really thought I was killing it in this photo. As someone who normally dresses like a slob and doesn’t care much about appearance, this shot helped my self-esteem a lot.”

“I can’t say what fashion trends I was following, but I can safely say that I left the house dressed like this for a long time”

“Needless to say, I reached my peak in 2nd grade. 2001”

“Me at 13 posing for my grandma”

Do you have any funny or even weird photos from your childhood or adolescence? Share with us in the comments section.

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