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16 Photos Prove That Animals Can Be Friends Too

According to scientific studies, only a few species of living beings have the ability to create bonds of friendship, such as higher primates, horses, elephants, dolphins and bats. However, there are many examples of adorable animals other than those that support each other and enjoy the company of others.

At the awesome.club we’ve compiled for this post some of nature’s most tender examples that show that animals can be good friends too. Scroll through the list to the end to get your daily dose of tenderness.

1. Here are two best friends who grew up together

This is what happens when two puppies grow up together: they become not only brothers but also lifelong best friends.

2. Two stray dogs in Vietnam adopted by monks

These two little dogs lived on the streets of Vietnam until the monks took them to the temple. The larger dog often hugs the smaller one to take care of him. However, it is difficult to verify if the story of these puppies is true, as there are many contradictory versions on the Internet. But they all agree on one fact: this is a true example of friendship.

3. A baby rhino and a little sheep

Marang is a baby rhino who has made a new friend: a little sheep named Elsa. Both lost their mothers, but found each other.

4. These cats are inseparable from a very young age

5.A cat and a fox playing together

6. An unlikely friendship between a cat and a mouse

Did you know that mice and cats can become friends? This is exactly the case for Galaxy and Bernie. When Bernie the mouse appeared in the family, he immediately started following Galaxy, no problem. Now they play and sleep together and are truly inseparable.

7. This pit bull puppy loves to take his blind friend for a walk

When Kristina Helfer brought home Tito, a very sick 16-year-old Chihuahua, she didn’t know how happy she would be in such a short time. Frank, a pit bull dog Kristina adopted a few years ago, immediately took a liking to Tito. When the latter recovered from his illness, he began to accompany Frank for a walk, sitting comfortably in a little basket beside the body of his zealous new friend.

8. This adorable duck is this dog’s inseparable friend

A duck named Rudy loves his best friend, a golden retriever named Barclay🇧🇷 According to their owner, their friendship grew out of a love-hate relationship: in the beginning, they chased each other. Now, Rudy doesn’t allow the other 7 ducks that live with the family to even get close to Barclay.

9. These dogs love to cuddle

You can see that the older dog likes to hug his friend, while the younger one seems a little indifferent.

10. Traveling together

11. The charming friendship between a bearded dragon and a cat

Charles the bearded dragon and Baby the cat show that friendship overcomes all barriers. Charles liked Baby’s warmth, and Baby loved the texture of the beautiful lizard. Since Charles died in 2016, Baby has been “taking care” of 3 other bearded lizards.

12. Inseparable friends from adventures

Henry the dog and Baloo the cat live in Colorado and love exploring the world together, backpacking and camping with their owners. These two adventurers have become so popular that you can even buy some souvenirs from them (decals and photo magnets).

13. A sweet and wild friendship

The story of these two animal friends is really sad: Baloo (an American black bear), Shere Khan (a Bengal tiger) and Leo (a lion) were rescued in 2001 from a drug dealer who kept them as pets when he was still young. they were very young. The trio ended up at an animal sanctuary called Noah’s Ark. Sadly, Leo passed away in 2016, but Baloo and Shere Khan are still together.

14. The dog and his budgerigar friend

It’s hard to believe, but this cute golden retriever named Bob is best friends with 8 birds and a hamster, and they all live in the same house. The dog doesn’t seem bothered by his friends being with him, and they almost always take a nap together.

15. A cat who likes to ride horses

16. The beautiful friendship between a German shepherd and a cat

Baron is a German Shepherd whose best friend in life is a cat named Alvin. This adorable duo spends all day playing. Alvin was the first to be taken home by the Richardson family, and Baron arrived two years later.

Which story touched you the most? Do you have an example of friendship between animals? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions, photographs and stories with everyone in the comments section!

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