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12 Stories of People Stronger Than Chuck Norris

Some people have incredible willpower, capable of making them take the lead in the worst moments of crisis or to overcome the most tragic personal situations.

O awesome.club brings you 12 exceptional stories of strong-willed people. Check it out with us and fall in love!

Bonus: This single dad raises his son with a congenital heart condition. That’s how it’s done, Daddy!

Chace, a 4-year-old boy from the USA, is fighting for his health against Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect consisting of 4 heart anomalies at the same time. Symptoms range from labored breathing to slow physical development and even episodes of bluish skin color. She cannot eat food orally and has a special tube installed in her stomach. Her father Robert is single and has created a blog where he shares some stories about their lives. Robert takes care of, prepares and educates Chace for life. In solidarity with the little one, his father put a copy of the tube Chace has in his stomach. The boy considers his father to be the best in the world and really wants to be like him.

Beautiful stories, isn’t it? We were delighted with each one! Which one did you like best? Share your opinion with us! 🇧🇷

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