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12 Comics by a mother who humorously describes the “wonders” of motherhood

Marina Bystrova is a mother of two and a part-time illustrator. Through creative drawings, she illustrates her daily life with hints of humor here and there. Really, it’s really hard not to fall in love with her comics.

We, from incredible.club, we are sure that many mothers and fathers will feel represented in Marina’s illustrations. Follow!

“You who have never tried to feed a small child, what do you know about patience?”

“I have a theory: maybe you start wanting the second child after you get ‘easier’ with the first; and this apparent ease can deceive you”

“I have to admit that I throw a lot of things away without notifying my husband, because the same litany always starts”

“Now, after becoming a mother, I know the real struggles an adult can go through”

“’You can’t buy her, she doesn’t talk, and she hardly ever pities you.’ It seems to me that this is the closest definition of a small child.”

“I get really irritated when they start to talk about clothes, names and things like that. Is it any of your business, by any chance?”

“I really feel sorry for all the parents whose children wake up too early for some reason.”

“And so on…”

“Today, silence is my favorite spice of life”

“Have you noticed that today’s cartoons can be about absolutely any topic?”

“Probably no international star is as sought after by their fans as mothers are by their young children”

“But the truth is that little ones have some magic. That tiny, fluffy being, with just a smile, manages to take my heart at once”

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