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What do the chakra colors mean? Learn how to balance and more!

Each chakra has a different color and each color has its different meaning and impacts on the physical and spiritual bodies. Each one takes care of a part of the body, always keeping in motion, to flow the vital energy.

The main energy centers are located in the spine. The colors have their own vibrations and indicate the areas in which these centers act. For example, the closer to the material, the stronger and more vibrant the color.

Colors also indicate what needs to be in balance and what can be used to keep the chakras balanced or maintain them when they are out of balance. Some of the best known ways to keep the chakras in harmony are Reiki sessions, meditation and crystal therapy. Check out everything about each color of the chakras in this article!

Chakras are part of every living being and it is important to keep them in balance and harmony, so as not to trigger serious problems in life and in the body itself. In this article, the meanings of each chakra, their respective colors and how to keep them in balance will be discussed. Follow!

According to the sacred scriptures of Hinduism, in Sanskrit, the chakras are wheels in constant motion, energy centers throughout the body, through which vital energy passes. When they are out of balance, they bring health, emotional and behavioral problems.

Chakras take care of the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body. There are over 80,000 energy centers throughout the body, according to Vedic texts. But the 7 main ones in the human body are: basic, umbilical, solar plexus, cardiac, laryngeal, frontal and coronary. Each one “governs” a main organ, which connects to the others, resonating at the same chakra frequency.

A long time ago, before the appearance of technologies and modern science, in several ancient cultures, mainly in Hinduism, there were already studies and knowledge that all living beings carry vital energy. So these were called chakras.

The first records appeared in ancient Hindu scriptures, around 600 BC However, there is a hypothesis that the Hindu culture already had knowledge about the chakras before the first record, with the help of clairvoyants who could see these energy centers.

Performing chakra alignment is essential to maintaining good health, happiness and being in harmony with yourself. When they are unbalanced, problems or illnesses appear in the organs and places that “govern” the chakra and can also bring emotional and mental confusion.

Thus, the meditation for the chakras, done for a week, brings the feeling of love with one’s own life and of making better use of the day, reducing stress. In addition to seeing life with more positivity, it also helps to have more strength to resolve everyday obstacles.

The first chakra in the West is called the base or root chakra, and in India it is called Muladhara. Its color is red and links the energy body with the earth plane. Read and discover the details about the first chakra in the topics below!

According to chromotherapy, the color red is intense, vibrant and stimulating. It helps fight discouragement and brings more motivation to the individual. In addition, it represents action, movement, blood and passion.

Thus, colors are also used to maintain the balance of the chakras, according to the color they vibrate. According to their characteristics, they can be used to maintain willpower and action, in order to complete goals and have more grounding, if the person is more disconnected from life.

The basic chakra is located at the end of the spine, in the perineum, between the anus and the genitals. This chakra opens downwards, connecting the energy body with the Earth, or physical plane, and is associated with safety, survival and prosperity.

In relation to the genitals, it is connected to the ovaries and the testes. Estrogen and progesterone are hormones produced by the ovaries and, while estrogen is associated with the menstrual cycle, progesterone prepares the uterus to receive the fertilized egg. The testicles produce testosterone, the hormone responsible for sperm.

In imbalance, or in the lack of connection with the Earth, the basic chakra brings problems in physical, mental and emotional health. In the physical body, it affects feet, ankles and knees, as they are the parts of the body that are most in contact with the earth and it is through which energies pass in their upward movement. They can also affect the lower back and genitals.

On a mental and emotional level, if self-confidence is not worked on, life ends up being affected by the most negative experiences or traumas. Addictions, fears, aggression and compulsions also appear when the chakra is out of balance, for example, making the individual obsess over sex and materialism in excess.

When the basic chakra is balanced, it brings more energy and disposition to the body. People love their bodies more and there is no obsession with everything involving sex as they become more aware and enjoy the present moment. In the physical body, the genitals and leg area work harmoniously.

To balance the Muladhara, or basic chakra, one can use chromotherapy, eat red fruits or vegetables, walk on earth with bare feet, dance or chant the mantra Lam, listen to the musical note C or use red crystals where this center of energy is located when meditating.

The element associated with the base chakra is earth. Activities such as gardening, walking barefoot or others that involve touching the earth are good options for maintaining balance and alignment of this energy center and for maintaining connection with the planet.

In addition, other activities that can be done to keep the chakra balanced are spending time sitting in the grass of a garden, field or park, and tending a small garden, if you can afford one, with small herbs or flowers. . In addition to being an activity considered therapeutic, plants bring inspiration and protection.

Crystals are powerful natural tools to keep the chakras balanced and are easily available for purchase in esoteric stores, religious shops, hippie flea markets and on the internet. There are meditations that use them to align the chakras and crystal therapy, which makes therapeutic use of these stones.

The crystals and stones used to align the Muladhara are Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Onyx and other black and red crystals. These stones and their respective colors vibrate at the same frequency as the chakra, bringing balance and other benefits to the body, mind and spirit.

The second chakra has three names: umbilical, sacral and, in India, Svadisthana. It is associated with instinct and sexual energy, but it is not meditated for sexual activities, but for maintaining life and creativity. Learn more details about this chakra in the following topics!

The color orange is associated with courage, strength, determination, joy, vitality, prosperity and success. This warm color is a mixture of the primary colors red and yellow. It stimulates creativity, awakening the mind to process new ideas.

These more creative characteristics can be stimulated for the creation of arts, new projects and problem solving. So, to activate these energies, you can paint pictures, draw, light an orange candle to meditate, eat orange fruits and vegetables and wear clothes or crystals of that color.

The umbilical, or sacral, chakra is located just below the navel, in the pelvic region, just above the base chakra. It is responsible for the production and maintenance of the reproductive glands, the urinary system and the formation of healthier emotional and sexual relationships, despite being more sensitive, for capturing negative energies.

One way to protect this chakra from negative energies and prevent them from entering your body is to cover your navel with some duct tape, with your hands, with a symbol of protection or a crystal necklace. This act of covering the navel is a millennial symbolic act and, if you want to do this, do it with the intention of protection in your mind, because everything starts with thought.

When out of balance, the umbilical chakra brings emotional and, consequently, physical problems, especially in the pelvic region and urinary system. With increased anxiety and more negative emotions, it can also end up affecting part of the digestive system, an area more sensitive to astral influences and attacks.

Thus, the misalignment of this chakra results in difficulty receiving love and relating to people in whom you have a sexual interest. Sex can also be unsatisfactory, as sexual energies do not go beyond this chakra, due to its blockage.

The balanced umbilical chakra makes the person feel more enthusiasm and joy for life, in addition to being more creative, which helps when working in the artistic field. The energy of this chakra drives the individual to move and go after achieving their goals.

Therefore, to rebalance this chakra, work on body awareness and open yourself up to exploring sexual pleasures and seduction in a healthy way, without feeling guilty or ashamed. You can also wear orange clothes and accessories, dance, chant the mantra Vam, listen to the musical note D or aromatize the environment with essential oil of ylang ylang and marjoram.

The element of the umbilical chakra is water, which cleans and purifies toxins and emotions, and is also associated with the urinary and emotional systems. Thus, on the physical plane, it eliminates toxins from the body, while on the mental and emotional plane, it cleans out negative thoughts and feelings, such as anger, fear, resentment and others.

In addition, other activities that use the water element and benefit from the alignment and balance of this chakra are herbal baths for cleaning and re-energizing, bathing with water energized by the full moon or ingestion of juices that use orange, papaya, carrot and other vegetables. orange color.

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