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Welcome, August – Phrases for Whats

Let’s welcome August, welcome all the good it brings and may we give it a good reception. And to help you with that, check out the selection of perfect phrases and messages to start this new month.

The right time has come to be in full happiness with good taste!

May August come with pleasure, I like love, I like conquest, I like fulfillment, I like happiness. 🌞

Enjoying the month is the best way to welcome it

August brought a new chance to believe in life, to fight for your dreams, to persist in what is worthwhile, to recognize the joys. Be welcome! ❤

It’s time for renewal, the month arrives with many opportunities

Welcome August! May everything in this life be renewed from now on, may the doors open to new opportunities and may victory come in our lives. 🙌

August has arrived to be the most blessed month of our lives

God, I ask you to pour out your blessings on each day of this month, to reveal the best in life for each of us. Welcome August! 🙏

May we not lack motivation to walk a beautiful path this month

Life always brings new chances for those who don’t give up believing and August is the biggest proof of that, coming now with a new chapter for us to write in our own way. ✨

Peaceful days are coming, let’s enjoy the best of them

August is coming, it brings calm, neither storm nor wind, but much peace for our days. 🍃

Goodbye, July. Now is the time for August to positively surprise us

May August bring you all the joys that July let go. Be happy in this new month that is about to begin. 🌞

The year is passing fast, every moment matters

I blinked and August arrived! I wish it to be a month full of achievements and positive moments that mark our memory! 💕

Let’s face this month taking our best to it?

Live life day by day, take life day by day, and be grateful for the little things. May August be to our liking! ✨

In the wish that August represents the arrival of many blessings

May August be a month of a lot of courage and less doubts, of a lot of faith and less insecurity. Welcome! 🙏

For special people, the wish of a month to height

I wish you a good month, of those who make life worth it and bring hope to our hearts. Welcome August! 🙌

May only positive energies reach us in this new month

Welcome August! May it be a beautiful month, full of good things and lots of love in your heart. ❤

A beautiful month arrives to show us the most beautiful side of this life

Here comes August, with all its intensity bringing new joys and happiness. ✨

All this happiness that August brings deserves to be in all our days

May you want to be happy forever, but learn to be happy every day. Happy August! 😁

Keep hope and faith, it’s time for victories

It’s time to put energy into the unachieved goals. If you can believe it, you can do it! Welcome August! 🙌

August has arrived, let’s welcome you with a lot of positivity

It’s already August, leave your grief behind and fill your heart with faith. May with each new day you recognize the joy in the simplest things in life and may happiness become routine in this month and in everyone to come. 🍀

Emanating the best to August, he can bring us the best back, believe me

Think good thoughts. Say nice things. Do good for others. Everything comes back and August has everything to bring us the best of this life. ✨

May everything that makes us feel good come to our lives.

May this month you have an open sky of opportunities, welcome to August! 🙌

Smile, August has arrived to bring us joy

I hope that in this month of August, a smile sticks to your face and that happiness catches you. 😁

This month comes to brighten our days, let’s believe

May everything your heart desires happen, it’s August! Light on your way! ✨


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