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To dream that you are taking a shit: a lot, in your pants, in front of someone else!

Although it sounds disgusting, dreaming that you are taking a shit has many meanings that will surprise you. Almost everyone on this planet has had a dream like this, and dreaming about defecating indicates much more than just throwing something away.

In general, dreaming that you are pooping is a sign that you are going to get something out of your life or get rid of an emotional problem, for example. However, this dream raises other interpretations as it depends on how and where you defecate.

In this way, dreaming that you are pooping worms, blood, worms, or having other intestinal problems implies unfavorable and negative situations. On the other hand, dreaming that you are taking a shit in the bathroom or in excess indicates that you are going to radically change your life.

Thus, this type of dream points to both good things, such as wealth and opportunities, and challenges that you need to be aware of. Continue reading, and see what each location, situation, or element involved in your dream can affect its interpretation.

To dream that you are defecating in different ways indicates that you need to get rid of something unpleasant, or that your future holds great opportunities, especially financial ones.

Check below the most different interpretations for this dream, according to the appearance of the poop that appeared, and what else appeared with it.

To dream that you are pooping blood is a bad omen. In this way, it indicates that you should pay attention to problems that occur, especially at work. Also, it is a sign of physical fatigue or mental exhaustion.

When dreaming that you are pooping blood, try to understand the cause of your exhaustion and try to rest a little. It is very important to take time out for yourself and recharge to avoid getting sick in the future.

This dream also signals your need to release some emotional desires, and denotes your fear of facing your repressed emotions and thoughts. So, dreaming of blood in your stool is about self-acceptance and also indicates that you need to take better care of your health. It is a dream about renewal, rejuvenation and cleansing.

If you dreamed that you were shitting worms, this is a sign to be aware of burdens and problems. It’s not necessarily a negative sign, but it does require you to get rid of emotional difficulties and bad thoughts that you carry.

Often, seeing worms coming out of the stool is a reflection of bad feelings or regret for missed opportunities. Worms on the body personify not only visions and thoughts, but also real problems.

Therefore, dreaming of worms coming out of your body means that you need to de-stress and not get involved in other people’s problems, so as not to forget your own.

Dreaming that you are shitting with worms, depending on the feelings you had during the dream, as well as the other circumstances present in the dream, suggests a good or bad meaning. In general, worms tend to symbolize something negative, causing feelings of disgust, disgust, hatred and fear towards something or someone.

They can also symbolize negative life circumstances that you are going through, often suggesting that you are facing times of stress, especially in relation to love, private or work matters. On the other hand, it also indicates a new cycle and reflects your openness to face changes and embrace new opportunities.

If you dreamed that you were pooping undigested food or that you were having difficulty defecating, it means that something or someone is preventing you from moving forward. This dream also means betrayal on the part of people close to you.

In some cases, dreams of undigested food coming out of the stool symbolize something or someone that has a negative influence on you. Perhaps some things in your life are not going as planned and you feel hopeless because of this influence.

Dreaming that you are pooping undigested food can also be a sign of stress and anxiety. You may not be able to get rid of heavy emotions and negative thoughts, which seem to attract more similar circumstances and make you feel even worse in your life.

Generally, dreaming that you are pooping has promising interpretations. In short, this dream is telling you that your dedication and persistence at work or some other project will bring you good news.

On the other hand, it can also symbolize your self-sabotaging attitude through harmful and destructive actions, and it is warning you to consider changing something that could bring about disaster in your life.

Dreams about loose stools can sometimes be a reflection of everyday events, such as the result of poor nutrition, a low-fiber diet or intestinal problems, which in this case usually do not have any special meaning.

If you were shitting hard in the dream, it means that you are struggling to remove toxic and negative feelings or people from your life. For this reason, consider the dream a warning that it is not worth keeping that kind of feeling or person close to you.

Such a dream can also reveal hidden and repressed emotions and thoughts about yourself and the future. It is important to notice your emotions and try to deal with them, because they can become a destructive influence in your life, attracting negativity of all kinds.

Furthermore, dreaming that you are taking a shit suggests that there are some jealous rivals or enemies intent on harming you or ruining your reputation.

To dream that you are taking a shit shows a lot of accumulated negative feelings. It reveals that you may be overwhelmed by something that you can no longer bear, and it also indicates that you have some problems that you don’t know how to deal with, and they are weighing you down.

This dream is an indication for you to share these burdens with someone you trust and ask for help.

In some cases, dreaming that you are leaving your body with excess stool symbolizes your tendency to isolate yourself from others, that is, indicating that you are shy and avoid deeper relationships.

Therefore, this dream asks you to address emotional issues related to shyness and open up to others.

If you think that defecating in different places is not a normal situation, this dream also indicates the same thing, that is, that something in your life is not in the right place.

Therefore, when dreaming that you are pooping in different places, try to evaluate your relationships and your emotional state, in order to act directly on the source of the problem. See below what each location represents in the dream!

If in the dream you were taking a shit in the toilet, this equates to gratitude. In other words, it’s a reminder to be grateful for even the simplest of things. In addition, it points out that everything in your life is in its proper place, and, consequently, promoting tranquility and peace.

Dreaming that you are taking a shit in the bathroom can also indicate the end of a bad phase in your life and some new fortunate beginnings soon, being an indication for you to be open and available to new opportunities. Furthermore, it is possible that soon you will get together to celebrate with some friends or relatives that you haven’t seen for a long time.

To dream that you are shitting your pants implies a feeling of inferiority. It is also the time to analyze your life calmly to avoid making a bad decision. Furthermore, the embarrassing character of the dream is a sign that you are trapped in something you want to break free from.

In other words, this dream points out that you have been trying to neglect a problem that has been bothering you since your childhood. However, you manage to live with this problem, but at the same time, you know that you must find the easiest way to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The dream in which you are shitting on the bed has a negative meaning, as it indicates that you and your partner will have financial or emotional problems. On the other hand, dreaming of feces in bed means repressed sexual fantasies if you are single.

So this dream is a reminder to stay in tune with your body and comfortable with your emotions.

If in the dream you appear shitting in the street, it is a sign that you regret some action you have taken recently. In addition, it is also a wake-up call for you to acknowledge a mistake and apologize for what you caused.

To dream that you are taking a shit in the street reveals that it is possible that you have revealed a secret to someone that you were not allowed to and are now hiding because of it. So just be honest and tell the truth and you will be forgiven, if not immediately then after a while.

If you don’t tell that person what you did, possibly there will be no forgiveness, and you won’t be able to ask for it in the future.

Dreaming that you are taking a shit at work means professional success. In this way, it indicates that you are on the verge of financial success or that you will receive an opportunity that will change your life forever.

Although this dream makes you feel ashamed, it also shows that you are willing to achieve your goals and that you are not afraid to face challenges.

This dream also suggests that there is a new path in life that you are about to take, and for that you need to be aware of a deep understanding of what such a path can offer, that is, what are the good or bad consequences of your decision.

Dreaming that you are taking a shit is a sign that you must clean or empty your life of bad and negative things. In addition, it also points to financial success and solutions to deal with emotional issues, especially repressed feelings. Below you will see some other interpretations, such as seeing another person taking a shit, taking a shit in front of someone, and much more.

The meaning of dreaming that you are seeing another person taking a shit represents shame, introspection and pessimism. Therefore, it indicates that you have taken advantage of a situation unduly, in addition to being a sign of excessive shyness that compromises essential decision-making.

So, this dream guides you to seek help in the face of all the uncertainties of the situation you are in. If there is no help, the decisions you choose can cause problems and other difficulties in your personal life.

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