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spells to make you think of me and miss me all the time

What did you like to know that there is spells that can make the people you love think of you and miss you in an unbearable way ? Do you want me to tell you something very important related to this title that has immobilized you?

Keep reading this article because I promise you that fascination and hope will course through your veins immediately!

When we fall in love intensely, the hours of our day are not enough to incorporate them into our thoughts, that particular being that has dazzled us, to the point of taking us out of the focus of our routine.

I understand your anxiety about wanting to be on his mind and thoughts…all the time! … Relax and stay here… you will not have wasted your time, if you do it with your heart, with faith and a lot of respect, follow each step rigorously!

follow me! … In my blog, I will give you incredible details and formulas so that your intense desire to be you, the base of your thinking, becomes a reality. Convince yourself, they are simple spells and the procedures you will be able to execute with complete confidence, because in fact… they work!

White magic can help you wonderfully, so that the person you love so much falls at your feet, whenever you want. A simple and effective mooring so that he wants to see you and call you as soon as possible.

✏ What you will need:

a crystal glass
A pen
Water, amount required.
White paper
Sugar and cinnamon, two hearty servings.
Name and telephone number of whom the person

📖 Procedure:

Take the paper and the pen and write the full name of the person you evoke.
Below the name you will write your cell phone number.
Put water inside the glass.
Place the piece of paper with the person’s information inside the cup of water.
Now take the container that contains cinnamon and the other with sugar and pour the two ingredients into the glass.
At this time, you should visualize your loved one desperately wanting to talk to you, even envisioning a dialogue between the two of you.
When the glass is completely spilled with the elements, you must recite these words.

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“I implore you to call me now, for the love I have for you, I beg you to call me now.”

Repeat these heartfelt words three times in a row with your eyes closed.
Take the cup with its contents and place it to the right of your phone.
It’s about channeling your energy into the mooring and believing that this is going to happen. Your mental influence is decisive in accompanying and directing this procedure.

Spell for a man to think of me and call me

Some rituals depend on the vocation of the one who performs them, according to his imperious desire, it will become a spell with an effective result. The black candles are to absorb the infamous energies, it is a mixture of black magic with white magic. Do it with confidence and fervor.

✏ What you will need:

2 black candles
2 pink candles
White paper
plain white plate
red marker
Cinnamon powder incense
Pink Ribbon

📖 Procedure:

The ritual must be performed on the waning moon.
Prepare your altar by lighting the two black candles on the white plate to cleanse bad energies.
Let them be consumed and then light the two pink candles.
Then activate the cinnamon incense with a match and place it in front of the pink candles.
Take the sheet of paper and write the name of the person associated with the spell.
Exactly below what you have written, you will mold the following with your left hand:

“Please, talk to me or write to me, please! Three days will be enough for you to tell me, find me, send me a message or contact me. It will be done.”

Seven times you will say the same prayer, without decay of tone and with the same faith.
At this time, you will fold the paper that you have written three times, you will tie it with the pink ribbon, with three knots.
Put the paper on the lit candles, let them go out.
At night, throw the ashes from the candles and incense into the open air, to be carried by the wind.
You will place the bound paper under your mattress and keep it there for three full days.
In no more than five days, the spell will be fulfilled.

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Prayer to miss you and look for you

It is a prayer for someone you already know, will miss you and look for you. You must declaim it with confidence and passion, for an optimal result. Repeat it as often as you like, this prayer is infallible, tried and tested by many faithful. Say it, putting your hands together and looking at nature.

“I turn to you, oh! The Archangel Chamuel, who can do anything and see everything, look for the one I love and tell him to love me too, to miss me, to look for me…

Oh Archangel Chamuel, you who do the impossible for those who suffer like me…

Intercede for me, your faithful servant, so that our love may be indestructible.

So that no wind can knock him down, so that he can corner himself in my arms and ask me to appreciate him… Look for him, oh Archangel Chamuel, make him be in his mind and miss me like no one else, who dreams of me, may he be his reason to love…

I entrust you, oh holy Archangel Chamuel, I want to be the only woman who is in his mind and heart, forever. So be it!”

Through a well-directed prayer and witchcraft, you will have been able to see that there are infallible methods for the love of your life to have your sweet image stuck in his mind constantly. .

Great love must be revered, cared for and maintained. With these ties, you will have a magic formula to guarantee that the thoughts of that person pursue a single objective.

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As you will have read in the title, this spell is used to make the person you care about think of you. Remember that for this magic to work, you need to know the person (in the sense that they will have spoken to us at least a few times) and, above all, you must know their full name (first and last name).

Let’s see how to proceed.

moon: crescent moon

Day: Friday (mandatory)

Magic Type: White

Need: Altar and a red candle.

You will want to go somewhere outdoors if you can, on a Friday night (*premise: if you can’t go outside, just open a window or a balcony or terrace) and create a small altar. Open the magic circle so that the altar faces north. If you want to summon the Elemental Guardians, that’s an option.

Take the candle and engrave the name of your loved one. Before turning it on, while raising it towards the rays of the moon, you will say the following words:

Diana, goddess of love,
I ask you to listen to me.
Please bring to me (name of the beloved)
Guide me and favor me in all phases of love.
So be it.

Now you can light the candle and say this formula:

You have to think about me day and night, (name)

Kiss the candle while it is burning. You must think intensely, for at least 30 seconds, together with the loved one in intimate attitudes. Try to spend more time visualizing yourself together (this is the main and fundamental part of the ritual, don’t forget it).

At this point you have to let the candle burn. When the candle is completely consumed, repeat the previous prayer to Diana, Goddess of Love.


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