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Some symbols of Radiesthesia – Blog

nine circles – Radiesthesia symbols

This is a protection chart. It is used with a testimony (photo, piece of fingernail or unwashed clothes) of what you want to protect, (a person, environment or object) in the center of the inner circle. Us dowsing symbolsthe number 9 is considered indestructible because it is the last numerological number.

de-impregnator – Radiesthesia symbols

With the witness positioned in the center, the de-impregnator concentrates the energy of the person, object or place and throws out any and all types of unbalanced energy. This one dowsing symbol it has already proven to be very effective in cases of people with strong feelings of hatred, rancor or anger and can also be used for protection.

Hexagon – Radiesthesia symbols

This one dowsing symbol, the hexagon, represents balance and should be used mainly at night, to protect from psychic, subtle and astral forces that could disturb the person, environment or object that we want to protect. test it

One should be placed in the center and like the Nine Circles, this radionic graphic has the function of protecting, with the 6 hexagons being the protective shield of the central core.

luxor – Radiesthesia symbols

This one dowsing symbol is used to neutralize, through absorption, telluric foci (energy that rises through the ground) detected in environments. It is usually placed over the focus, neutralizing it. It is widely used under beds that have harmful outbreaks, with excellent results, including for the health and mood of the people who sleep on them.

trill – Radiesthesia symbols

This graphic protects (Nine circles), unlocks (Whirlwind), focuses and empowers (Decagon). It is a dowsing symbol fortissimo and is normally used and recommended when strong protection is needed. The witness and or objective that you want to achieve must be placed at its center.

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