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Sagittarius Decanates: Meaning, Dates, Characteristics and More!

Your Sagittarius decanate is defined from the date of your birth. With this information, you discover the ruling star and the influence it has on the characteristics that mark your personality.

Your decanate also determines whether you are more like your Sun sign or not, as well as indicating whether you have characteristics of any other sign. This happens because there is a strong connection between planet and sign, for example, Jupiter is the official ruling planet of Sagittarius.

Thus, the decan that has Jupiter as its ruler will have characteristics that also belong to Gemini. Another example is Mars, which, in turn, is the star that rules the sign of Aries, therefore, if the decanate has this planet as an influence, some personality nuances normally found in an Aryan are in evidence.

The decans of Sagittarius are very important periods that differentiate the personalities within that same sign. They are divided into three parts. If you are from this sign, read carefully and understand what these periods are.

The three periods of the sign of Sagittarius are different from each other. The reason for this is that for each period there is a ruling planet indicating which main personality trends it has. Each of them lasts exactly ten consecutive days.

Each of these periods is called a decan, which derives from the word ten. The sign of Sagittarius occupies 30 degrees in the great circle of the zodiac, which, in turn, are divided by 10 degrees. This results, therefore, in three classifications and thus the 1st, 2nd and 3rd decan are defined.

You discover your decan from the day and month you were born. All you need to do next is look up the start dates for each one to find yours. As we saw earlier, the decanate of the sign of Sagittarius occurs every ten days, also changing the ruling planet.

Therefore, the first decan begins on the 22nd of November and ends on the 1st of December. Then comes the second decan, which begins on the 2nd of December and lasts until the 11th. The third and last decan belongs to the 12th of December and ends on the 22nd of that same month.

The first decan of Sagittarius begins on November 22nd and ends on December 1st. Sagittarians born in this period are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of freedom, but also of fun. No wonder people of this sign are very fond of traveling and novelty. Understand how Jupiter will influence this next decan.

Jupiter is the main star of the sign of Sagittarius. The first decan also has this planet as its ruler and, therefore, it has all its characteristics very close to the Sun sign. Through this, the energy transmitted to the sign will be one of spontaneity.

Jupiter has a very light vibration and will therefore be sent to Sagittarius as part of their life mission. Fullness in all senses will always be a latent need in a Sagittarius, especially when it comes to the first decan.

Another energy transmitted by Jupiter is expansion, because this is the largest planet in the solar system, therefore, remaining diminished in its existence is not part of the plans of this decan.

The adventurous spirit is a natural characteristic of the Sagittarius sign. They don’t have to think too much about things, they jump right into action. This is because they receive so much energetic power from their ruling planet, so it never overwhelms them to go on a new journey in life.

Sagittarians are very adaptable and accept all types of people in their social circle. They like to help and are generous. This is a characteristic of your fire element, which is associated with transforming yourself and the world. They hate prejudice.

They are super open to adhering to new concepts, experimenting and living in the moment. They get along very well with everyone, are talkative and accumulate long-standing friendships. They are beings that seek and defend a lighter life and high spirits.

Mutable is an energy experienced by the sign of Sagittarius, and in the first decan it is strongest. This means that they are always looking for a new direction or reusing old ones. However, being a mutable energy sign doesn’t mean changing course all the time.

Therefore, the mutability of Sagittarius of the first decan is related to their resilience and their ability to get around problems by following an alternative path towards the same goal, if necessary.

Sagittarius adapts very easily to situations. This is because they are end of season signs and deal very well with the next stages of life without going through the stress of change, as occurs in signs that are more fixed.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, the sign of Sagittarius is very intense, they feel everything at a high frequency, however, this characteristic applies much more to the first decan. That’s because they are super idealistic, so love, friendships and good times will be seen and felt by them as unique.

Thus, the intensity for the Sagittarius in love has to do with a perspective of growth, of being present and of and being available. In other areas of life, this first decan Sagittarius essence is related to wanting to break down barriers in life. Everything will be lived by him without reservations, as well as his loves, his passions for nature and the body.

Optimism is the hallmark of the Sagittarius sign. He is so positive that he is able to forget everything that has gone wrong to start over. This kind of thing has a tendency to happen with work projects, friendships, and even love relationships.

The impression one has is that the Sagittarius of the second decan has a lot of passivity, but this is not the case. This is because he really believes in the things he experiences, in people’s transformations and change in many ways. Believing that everything will work out, that it will work out and that things can be different is part of their energy, but don’t abuse this Sagittarian’s goodwill.

Sagittarians of the first decan are fun, they like to enjoy life and everything good in it. They know how to joke in various situations and even laugh at themselves when they find themselves in a sad or absurd phase.

It is important to note that the symbol of Sagittarius is a centaur, that is, half man and half horse. This duality represents a real-life Sagittarius very well, highlighted by their animal nature.

This is to say that he is drawn to all that is mundane and physical, while also being very human and empathetic. The Sagittarius is the epitome of all things that involve the pleasure of life, and this characteristic makes him one of the most interesting types in astrology.

The human part of this centaur also longs for personal development. Therefore, they resort to knowledge to understand the world, people and the energy of their moment. Everything is welcome to him.

This search for truth and the meaning of life is part of the stimulus of his nature, as he is a sign of philosophy and religion. His element, fire, is related to physics and the interpretation of the world through action, and therefore knowledge in various senses is important to him. What moves Sagittarius is knowing that not everything in the world is trivial.

The second decan of the sign of Sagittarius begins on the 2nd of December and runs until the 11th of that same month. The hallmark of those born in this period is their strong personality. They are signs that look like they came ready for a war. In this part of the article, you will understand what their other characteristics are and why they behave that way.

The influential star of the sign of Sagittarius in the second decan is Mars, which is also ruler of Aries. This planet is characterized by being rocky and having a thin and very hot atmosphere, and the same analogy applies to this decan.

Thus, it is not even a metaphor to say that the second decan is the hottest, firm as a rock, while its thin atmosphere is associated with its low tolerance and impulsiveness in many ways. At times it will be easy to pick a fight with a Sagittarius of the second decan, because they think quickly and realize when their intelligence is being insulted.

Being quarrelsome is the first typical characteristic of a Sagittarius of the second decan. This is especially true when he is younger, as they start life very energetic as if they were born ready to change the world.

The second decan always fights for what he believes in, but when he is younger he ends up wasting a lot of energy with those who do not deserve it or with matters that are not very worthwhile.

Interested in politics and philosophy. They also raise their voices to say what they think and will sometimes impose the way they want things to work out for him. Although they are very sociable, they also make a lot of enemies because of the way they present themselves to the world.

The Sagittarius sign likes challenges because it is hard to do without an adventure. This is also seen as an opportunity for them. They have a lot of energy to go through complicated situations and still come out unscathed, but they are also a little lucky, because part of the Sagittarius universe is also driven by a light vibration.

It’s as if suddenly everything conspires in your favor even in very difficult situations. That’s why, sometimes, Sagittarius is a little insensitive to other people’s outbursts, as they understand that being well, having a lot of energy and solving everything is something easy for everyone.

Because of his mania for accepting all kinds of tasks, the Sagittarius of this decanate is constantly disorganized, and does not always do the best he can in many respects.

Courage is one of the most enviable qualities of the Sagittarius sign, because not every zodiac sign is willing to tread new paths like him.

That’s how he acts: Sagittarius risks going to a new job, starting a new career, traveling alone to an unknown place and it doesn’t bother him to be among people who don’t belong to his social cycle.

However, this does not mean that there is an absence of fear, as he has this feeling just like anyone else. However, his mind is unlocked to move forward anyway.

The sign of…

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