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Ruby Stone: origin, meaning, benefits, value, how to use it and more!

The ruby ​​is a stone well known for its beauty. However, it goes far beyond appearance and has a number of special features. With its color varying between red and pink, it is a symbol of power and grandeur.

Owner of a strong and motivating energy, the ruby ​​is linked to love and passion. Thanks to its rarity, it is a stone of great commercial value and attracts wealth. However, its power goes beyond these issues and also reflects an impressive ability to preserve health.

Next, more details about the history, functionality and energy of the stone will be discussed. If you want to know everything about the ruby, continue reading the article.

The ruby ​​is a precious stone that varies in color from red to pink. Its origins are linked to the African continent, more specifically to Sri Lanka. Due to its rarity, the ruby ​​is a stone of great monetary value. Want to know more information about this stone? Read next.

The ruby ​​is a precious stone with colors that vary between bright red and pink. In general, it is used in the manufacture of jewelry, being a recurring presence in rings. Its name is derived from the Latin, Ruber, and the stone is believed to have strong motivating energy, and is also associated with love and passion.

It is noteworthy that finding a natural ruby ​​is rare, which makes these stones have a high commercial value. In the view of some peoples, such as the Hindus, the ruby ​​has the power to preserve the health of the body and soul, in addition to strengthening relationships.

According to some historical records, the first rubies were extracted on the African continent, more precisely in Sri Lanka, a region that currently belongs to Myanmar and is responsible for the largest production of precious stones in the world. The process in question began about 2500 years ago.

However, there are also sources that point to the extraction of ruby ​​in this same period in places such as the border of Thailand with Cambodia, a place that has a large reserve of this precious stone and is a point of trade for it.

Currently, ruby ​​extraction takes place in Thailand and Myanmar, two of the regions in the world where this stone is found in greater abundance. However, there are differences between them. While Thai rubies are redder and darker, those with a less intense color come from Myanmar.

It is worth noting that the stones mined in the second region have a higher value and are considered to be of better quality. This does not mean, however, that the stones from Thailand are bad, just that they have a more affordable price due to the presence of some cracks that affect their purity.

With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, among natural gemstones, the ruby ​​is surpassed only by the diamond when considering this characteristic. In addition, the appreciation of stones depends on other qualities, such as the color, size, cut and clarity of the ruby.

It is important to highlight that all natural stones have small imperfections. However, when talking about artificial ones, they cannot have flaws. In this way, some manufactured rubies have other substances added to their composition and determining their origin requires gemological tests.

It is possible to say that the value of a gem depends on four factors: size, color, purity and cutting. Thus, when taking into account the technical criteria adopted to determine the price per carat, the ruby ​​appears among the most valuable stones in the world.

According to the website of the Scientific Geological Survey of Brazil, currently the ruby ​​occupies the third position of the most valuable gems in the world, losing only to the diamond and the paraíba tourmaline. Thus, each carat costs, on average, $12,000.

The ruby ​​originates from a mineral called coridon, which can have many different colors. Thus, only its reddish form can be considered a ruby. Other colors, such as blue, refer to gemstones such as sapphire.

Due to this, the color does not interfere with the varieties of the stone in question. In this way, rubies are classified according to their region of extraction and some details of their composition. Regarding this second aspect, it is worth mentioning that rubies that have a high concentration of titanium, for example, are redder.

Hindu peoples believed that the ruby ​​had the power to preserve the health of the body and soul, so that the interpersonal relationships of people who owned this stone were improved. Thus, its meaning is currently closely linked to love and it is believed that the stone has the ability to solve problems of this nature.

Another aspect that makes the ruby ​​a highly valued stone for its energy is the fact that it helps the heart and the circulatory system as a whole, being able to promote its cleanliness and rid the body of toxins, avoiding occurrence of heart disease.

When talking about the association of the ruby ​​with the zodiac, it is possible to say that the stone is recommended for natives of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, which are fire signs – the element of the ruby. However, it can also be used by Capricorn due to its connection with finances and by Scorpio for its strong connection to love.

In terms of chakras, the ruby ​​is connected to the Cardiac Room, which is located in the middle of the chest, close to the heart, and its main function is to metabolize all energy linked to love, in addition to awakening the capacity to love in people.

In terms of chemical and physical properties, it is possible to state that the ruby ​​has mineral characteristics due to its natural origin of corundum, which is also responsible for stones such as sapphire and has the characteristic ability to give rise to crystals in hexagonal shape and appearance. vitreous.

Nowadays, it is possible to find both natural rubies, extraction products, and synthetic rubies, which have undergone chemical processes to increase their brightness, in addition to achieving a color that meets the needs of the jewelry market.

According to some ancient studies, ruby ​​is an important stone when talking about powers, being used by people with strong personalities who are in search of love and protection. It can also be used by those who want to achieve success.

As this stone has the ability to renew and expand a person’s energies, it is used to renew positivity, removing anger and negative thoughts to make room for love and compassion in the lives of those who wear the ruby. It can be used for meditation or daily through jewelry.

In Hindu culture, the ruby ​​was considered the king of all gemstones and the most valuable of them. Thus, the Mani Mala describes the Kalpa Tree, a symbolic offering to the gods of Hinduism, as being composed of this precious stone in addition to others of great value.

It is also interesting to mention that in one of their ceremonials, Hindus used to leave rubies in various temples, especially in the form of jewelry. They believed that this kind of donation towards Krishna would bring prosperity to their lives.

The ruby ​​is a stone surrounded by mysticism and superstition. Thus, it is believed that it has the ability to protect, heal and improve the relationships of the people who use it. Because of this, its effects on the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies will be explored below. See more about it.

According to one of the legends associated with the ruby, the stone has an “inner flame” that gives it a sacred character in religions such as Hinduism. Due to this, he is able to increase positive dreams and empower people, granting them more self-confidence and courage.

Due to its energy renewal capacity, ruby ​​can be used in meditation with the aim of reducing anger and negativity, as well as keeping bad thoughts away from people. It encourages feelings like love and compassion.

As far as the emotional body is concerned, the ruby ​​is directly associated with love issues. Therefore, he is known in some cultures as the stone of eternal love, as well as being responsible for increasing people’s courage and enthusiasm.

Still on emotions, it is worth mentioning that the ruby ​​also has a very strong connection with motivation, something that is related to its “internal flame”, capable of ensuring that individuals have more control in their moments of sadness and melancholy.

In Hinduism, the ruby ​​is considered a stone capable of preserving the health of the body and it is associated with the circulatory system. Thus, it is believed that this stone brings benefits to the heart and to the system in question as a whole, being able to promote its cleanliness and prevent diseases.

In addition, the ruby ​​also acts to eliminate toxins from the body, making it stronger and more resistant against possible diseases of another nature. This healing ability would be one of the reasons why the stone is so desired.

One of the most common uses of ruby ​​is in meditation, as this stone is linked to energy cleansing. However, it can also be used as part of the decoration of the environment or as a personal accessory. In addition, the ruby ​​can be combined with other stones to bring even more benefits to people. See more about that below.

In terms of professions, it is possible to say that the ruby ​​is indicated for people who need to stay motivated by having tiring routines and jobs that demand a lot of intellectual effort. Thus, it is an ideal stone for lawyers, journalists and doctors.

As the ruby ​​is also able to help in the physical aspects, soldiers can take advantage of its properties to stay stimulated and be able to better visualize their objectives with such an intense training and routine. Furthermore, the stone encourages its wearers to act honestly in all situations.

Due to its color that draws a lot of attention, the ruby ​​needs to be associated with stones of more neutral colors, such as transparent crystals, such as quartz, which has a…

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