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Prayer to ward off negative energy – Blog

In our daily lives, we live with many different people that we don’t always know very well, whether at work, at the gym, at college or even inside our homes, in the case of service providers. And even without us knowing, some of them can leave a bad energy in ourselves and in the environments we frequent. These energies can harm us in our professional performance, in our personal relationships and even in our health. Therefore, a good way to deal with this situation and not be influenced by this negativity is to make a prayer to ward off negative energy.

It is worth remembering that in some cases we can contaminate ourselves and our environments with negative energy. This happens when we complain about everything all the time, swear words or when we fight with the people around us. So in addition to prayer to ward off negative energy, it is also important to review our attitudes.

Prayer to ward off negative energy and other options for your daily life

Prayer to drive away negative energy

“In the name of Almighty God, may the evil spirits depart from me and may the good ones protect me against them! Malevolent spirits, who inspire evil thoughts in men; deceitful and lying spirits, who deceive them; mocking spirits, who play with their credulity, I drive you away with all the strength of my soul and close my ears to your suggestions, but I implore you for the mercy of God.
Good spirits who generously support me, give me the strength to resist the influence of evil spirits and the necessary lights not to be deceived by their tricks. Preserve me from pride and vanity; remove from my heart jealousy, hatred, malevolence and every feeling contrary to charity, which are so many doors open to evil spirits. So be it! Thank God!”

In addition to praying to ward off negative energy, there are other ways to clear energy and bring about good things:

Prayer to purify body and soul

“In the name of Jesus, the precious Holy Spirit of God dwells in me. The life of God flows within my being like a spring of living, crystalline and purifying waters. Therefore, all anguish, sadness and impurities from my body, my soul, my mind, my heart and my spirit are being expelled along with the air I exhale and all the evil karmic causes are being eliminated from my life. and turned into blessings.
All anxieties, sorrows, impurities and the evil karma of my life are completely extinguished. My body, my soul, my mind, my heart and my spirit are completely healthy; they are deeply calm, serene, clean, free and ready to receive God’s guidance. My faith is being enlarged and perfected by divine light.
My God is my Father! In the name of Jesus, transform my being, make me a better human being, make me understand my own feelings and the feelings of others.
My God is my Father! Put the right people in my path daily so I can learn what I need, and so I can teach what I’ve already learned.
My God is my Father! In the name of Jesus, make a covenant with me. Enable me so that I understand you, so that I evangelize and so that I can carry out works that please you. Empower me in all situations and relationships so that I always know what I must do and what I must say to achieve my blessings and victories.
Amen. ”

Prayer to remove negative energies from around you

“Almighty Father, I know that you are the God of love, peace, joy, happiness, in short, you are the God of positive energies. And I know that light doesn’t unite with darkness, that is: Positive energies don’t unite that negative energies, so as the gospel of Saint Mark 16 says, I order now! In the name of Jesus Christ! LEAVE ME ALL NEGATIVE ENERGIES, LEAVE ME SADNESS, ANGUISH, ENVY, MOORING, BACKREST! GET OUT OF ME EVERYTHING THAT HELPS ME, I COMMAND YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS ​​CHRIST, GET OUT NOW! Father, believing in this prayer, and what happened as I said, I praise you and thank you in the certainty of my victory! Amen and Thank God!”

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