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45 sad phrases about life to vent about what worries you

Some days, life feels like a nightmare we can’t wake up from.

Karyne Santiago

How much sadness there is in this life. Only uncertainty, only farewell.

Vinicius de Moraes

One of these days, I’ll take a little time and catch up on all the tears I haven’t had time to cry.

Carlos Drummond deAndrade

I don’t know what’s going on with my life… Sometimes I just want to disappear!

Karyne Santiago

Sadness doesn’t change us. It reveals us.

John Green

When I think about everything I’ve been through in my life and the things I’m still going through, I wonder if it’s worth continuing to fight.

Karyne Santiago

The battles imposed by life wear out and take away our most precious asset: joy!

Karyne Santiago

My challenge is to walk alone, to wait for time and our destinies…

Maria Gadu

Time doesn’t heal everything. In fact, time doesn’t cure anything, time just takes the incurable out of the spotlight.

Martha Medeiros

I want to find my life purpose, feel good about myself and be able to truly smile again one day.

Karyne Santiago

Don’t hide behind a fake smile. You have the right not to be okay.

Paulo Coelho

These wounds don’t seem to want to heal, this pain is very real. There are simply so many things that time cannot erase.


How much longer will I have to endure the sorrows of life to be happy?

Karyne Santiago

From the roots of bitterness, trees of sadness are born that generate fruits of loneliness.

Dirceu Azevedo

I’m much happier than sad, but sometimes I’m distant and I get lost in myself as if there was no beginning or end to this thing of thinking and finding an explanation for life.

Fernanda Mello

It is not always possible to squander strength and happiness. Life is also made of sadness!

Karyne Santiago

Sometimes love lasts, but sometimes it hurts.


I would trade absolutely everything in my life for true love. I’m so tired and sad.

Tati Bernardi

Don’t be ashamed of your sorrows, they don’t make you weak, they make you human!

Karyne Santiago

Sad days, wanting to do nothing but sleep. Sleep because the world of dreams is better, because my desires are worth something, sleep because there are no torments while I dream.

Caio Fernando Abreu

When I try to get off the bottom, life pushes me down again.

Karyne Santiago

I wish life would give me a reason to smile again!

Karyne Santiago

What a sad thing, everything is so sad – we spend our whole lives like a fool and then die like a beast.

Charles Bukowski

There’s a shadow where I used to shine.

Martin Luke Brown

It’s sad to realize that no matter how hard you try, some people will never appreciate you.

Karyne Santiago

Bringing joy into someone’s life even when I’m drowning in sadness is my biggest goal.

Karyne Santiago

Some days it hurts. Sadness pulls the hair, scratches the face, hurts inside. And we have nothing else to do but say that everything is fine.

Clarissa Correa

The experience of daily struggles leads us to paths of sadness and loss.

Karyne Santiago

In the midst of the chaos of this life, I lost my joys.

Karyne Santiago

I’m the one they call sad without being so… I’m the one who cries without knowing why… I’m maybe the vision someone dreamed of, someone who came into the world to see me, and who never found me in my life!

Florbela Espanca

Sadness is not a choice, it is a consequence of life!

Karyne Santiago

Life plays tricks… Sometimes we fight so hard to conquer something and, when we do, we don’t always feel happy.

Karyne Santiago

In every puddle on this street, you’ll see me. In every drop of this rain you will feel my tears.


Joys constitute us, but sorrows can destroy us.

Karyne Santiago

There is an ocean of secrets and sadness in my heart that I carry like the baggage of my life.

Karyne Santiago

The world remains the same. There are just less reasons to live.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

My soul became winter and everything that was flower in my garden of life withered and died.

Karyne Santiago

I recognize that life is not a constant, because, in the same way that there is joy in some moments, there is also sadness, disappointments, pain, losses…

Karyne Santiago

Life would be even sadder if, when we started to live, we already knew that we would live only to renew the pain of those who lived before.

hyacinth benavente

No matter what people say, the pains of this life don’t make me stronger, but sadder!

Karyne Santiago

I found myself questioning: why are the moments of sadness in this life more lasting than the moments of joy?

Karyne Santiago

Every now and then, I fall apart.

Jill Andrews

Don’t force me to the constancy of well-being. It’s part of life to go through moments of sadness!

Karyne Santiago

When it will stop hurting, I don’t know, but just as I lived the good feelings intensely, I feel like I need to live the bad ones too.

Karyne Santiago

We go through some losses, experience some disappointments, shed countless tears… Existence demands it!

Karyne Santiago

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