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Prayer to Saint Anthony to recover a love – Witches of Love

Today is his day, Santo Antônio is so powerful, I think he can help anyone who wants to recover a love.

“Oh, glorious and mighty Saint Anthony, whom God has chosen as our intercessor
in the problems and losses of material life,
today I want to ask you to grant me your help
to solve a big problem that afflicts me and breaks my heart.

Oh blessed and miraculous Saint Anthony, patron saint and benefactor of lovers,
I ask you to intercede for the union and reconciliation between (say your name) and So-and-so

Saint Anthony, I ask you to remove from the mind of (say the name of the loved one)
all the doubts, anguish, jealousy and shame that makes him move further and further away from me,
make him remember all the good things, all the love that brought us together at other times
and forget the reasons for your departure, that he/she does not lose true love
that not so long ago existed between the two of us.

You who cause lost things to be found, cause me to recover So-and-so
You who make proposals accepted, make So-and-so accept me again.

You who restore peace between couples, grant me reconciliation and harmony with So-and-so
Saint Anthony, saint of miracles, come help me now that I need you so much, protect our relationship with your support, don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of our lives, keep away from So-and-so those who now separate him from me ,
help me, I beg you, with all my soul.
In this difficult and urgent problem, give me your favor to:

(say with great faith what you want to achieve)

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I ask you, dear Saint Anthony, to unite, to tie with your bonds of love
our souls and our bodies forever, so that we may be one and let no one separate us.
My father Saint Anthony, do not ignore my anguished plea.
Today I need you more than ever.
I know that for you things that seemed impossible become achievable, so I ask you to come to my call and give me a quick solution to what ails me so much.
Saint Anthony, mighty in word and deed, miraculous saint, blessed saint, always willing to help those who invoke you
I put all my hopes in you, make me recover the love of So-and-so
Help me in this difficult situation, by your divine mercy grant me what I ask and need so much.
By Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Pray 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys and 3 Glory Be

This prayer can be done in the form of a novena.

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