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Prayer to Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian – Witches of Love

São Cosimo and São Damião are not recognized saints for helping in cases related to love, they are linked especially to the cure of diseases and protection, especially of children. Even so, this does not prevent you from placing other orders, as per your needs.

“Kind Saints Cosimo and Damião, the kingdom of the Father has been reserved for you, beside him you find yourselves. Guard me from all dangers and evils, may you be the guardians. I entrust myself to your guard, that nothing happens to me, that I can pass through the dangers, covered by your protection.

Kind Cosimo and Damião, sons of the living God, may you bring from Him the blessing of the palms you carry with you and may we all find defense with the intercession of your names”.

Sign of the Cross Pray 1 Our Father and 1 Hail Mary.

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