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Libra Kiss: The Man, The Meaning, On Sex, On Love, How To Please, And More!

Libras are aristocratic, sociable people focused on perfectionism. In this way, for Libra natives, the moment of kissing must contain all the necessary elements to make the unique moment perfect.

Therefore, they bet on conquest, instigate the partner and offer them a kiss worthy of the movie screen. However, so much pressure on the performance itself can make Libras apprehensive at first.

The meaning of their kisses refers to more than what they feel, but also how they care about providing perfect moments, of great romance and surrender, like in any good romantic movie.

Learn more about the characteristics of Libra natives’ kisses, their personality during the romantic experience, how to conquer and drive a Libra man crazy and the best combinations for the sign. Check out!

Libras are demanding people. This is because, just as they demand perfection from themselves all the time, they are also judicious in choosing their partners. Therefore, getting to kiss a Libra is not as simple as it seems. Understand better below.

Libra men are attracted to mystery and look for sensual women who know how to pique their curiosity. Therefore, the best way to get a Libra man to kiss is to demonstrate that you are different from the women he usually encounters on a daily basis.

For this, bet on a thought-provoking conversation, but that does not reveal too much about yourself, talking briefly, but unforgettable. Also, bet on deep looks and discreet smiles.

To conquer a Libra, you need to know that you shouldn’t pursue the native of Libra insistently, but give him opportunities to glimpse a captivating personality, through subtle flirting.

Libra women are materialistic and adventurous. In this way, they love to be wooed with luxurious gifts and instigated with intelligent conversations. Therefore, to conquer a Libra is to pay attention and treat her like a princess.

In addition, women of this sign have a very strong sense of freedom and independence. In this way, although they are romantic, they also like to enjoy moments of reflection and solitude.

Therefore, a good strategy is not to pursue Libra relentlessly, offering her the opportunity to miss you is a great idea to get this woman’s attention and a kiss.

The kisses of Libra natives have some particular characteristics and a style marked by perfectionism. Learn how a Libra kisses and better understand their qualities below.

Libra’s kiss is provocative, sensual and delicate. In this way, the natives of this sign try to find the balance between romance, desire and excitement when kissing their partners.

In addition, they like to bet on the sensations before and after the kiss, building a perfect performance full of delicacy and passion. Another important point in Libra’s kiss is the bet on penetrating looks before and after the romantic experience.

The Libra natives’ kissing style is pure perfectionism. That’s because the natives of this sign strive to achieve perfection and excellence in everything they do, including kissing time.

That’s why, at first, Libra’s kisses can seem quick and apprehensive, due to the enormous pressure they exert on themselves. However, practice makes perfect and they understand that well.

While kissing, Libra natives like to explore the sensations of all the senses to make the moment unique and unforgettable. That’s why, even before the kiss, they usually offer flowers, penetrating looks and slow approach.

However, while they are in the moment of the kiss, they alternate between a strong grip and caresses over the partner’s body. That’s because they seek balance between sensations and bet on touch to increase the sensitivity of the moment.

During sex, Libra natives bet on wet and wild kisses, with strong footprints, lip bites and a lot of intensity. That’s because Libras like to stimulate desire and feel irresistible in their partner’s eyes.

In addition, they also bet on caresses and sweet words next to the ears. In this way, they build the perfect scene and treat their partners as true works of art, admiring their bodies and minds.

In addition to the almost impeccable posture that Libras exude during the kiss, they still have features and qualities that make anyone melt between Libran lips. Understand better below.

Libran kisses are delicate. That’s because Libra natives, although they don’t always show it, are romantic idealists who dream of building the perfect scene and feeling with the ideal partner.

Therefore, they bet on light kisses, delicate caresses and slow approach. In this way, they manage to achieve the goal of instigating the partner. Making the other anxious makes Libras feel irresistible, and they love it.

Another important characteristic in Libra kisses is the passion with which the natives of this sign give themselves to the moment. Not everything is about performance. Perfection is found in the details.

Therefore, Libras surrender to the moment and try to express all their will, passion and intensity while kissing the object of their desire. Whether for one night or forever, what matters to them is the passion of the moment.

In all aspects of Libra’s life, he seeks balance, whether in the personal, professional or family spheres. For Libra natives, maintaining balance in relationships is extremely important.

In addition, during kisses, the natives of this sign also seek to exhale the balance between sensations. Therefore, they alternate between strong grips, which instigate sex, and soft touches of extreme affection and tenderness.

Libras are covetous beings. This characteristic of this sign totally refers to your ability to be sensual and your interest in people and moments of pure magic and sensuality in the air.

That way, they bet on a sensual kiss full of physical contact. For this, they use their fingertips and the sensory sensation of the skin to generate shivers between intense kisses with bites on the lips.

The knowledge that the stars provide about the signs and their characteristics allows us to evaluate the best combinations in different aspects such as: love, sex, kissing and much more. Check out the signs that best match Libra kisses and what don’t.

The Libra kiss perfectly matches the kisses of the natives of Leo. This is because both signs are committed to sensuality and surrender to satisfy their own expectations and that of their partner, culminating in the perfect moment.

In addition, the kisses of Gemini natives can provide moments of pure intensity with Libras. That’s because Geminis like to seduce and instigate excitement during the kiss, characteristics that will drive Libra crazy.

Another good combination for Libra kisses is with natives of the Aries sign. Between these two, the moment of the kiss will be like starting a fire filled with sensuality, desire and greed.

However, not all signs match perfectly with Libra kisses. The sign of Taurus, for example, can represent a not so pleasant experience for both of you. That’s because Taureans like to feel irresistible and sensual for their partner, just like Libras, and that’s why the kiss can become a dispute.

In addition, with Pisceans, Libra natives may experience some difficulty in a good fit. Pisces natives are fanciful and bet on moments of affection, slow and romantic kisses.

These traits can conflict with the down-to-earth Libra kiss, which they try to stimulate through contact, whereas Pisceans are stimulated through the mind, fantasy, and imagination.

To please a Libra after kissing, the first step is not to get all over them, become clingy or needy. The natives of this sign like to enjoy feelings of freedom and independence.

Also, they admire people who don’t need them, confident and self-sufficient people. So, after kissing a Libra, give him the feeling of your absence and wait as long as you can for them to come looking for you.

In the meantime, take the time to take care of yourself and enjoy your own company. Libra natives like this, people who are enough, so that they can only add up, but not be the center of the universe.

In addition, a good dose of piercing looks after the kiss and brief goodbyes can make the Libra even more intrigued and interested. Now that you know how to conquer a Libra native, take advantage of this knowledge to enjoy the hottest kiss of the zodiac.

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