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Know spell to ward off problems and enemies – RIC News More

Incense is a great ally in spell to ward off problems and enemies (Photo: Pixabay)

Three-step ritual helps ward off troubles and enemies

To perform spell to ward off problems and enemies, light a cinnamon incense and take your smoke to every corner of your home. After that, choose a place in the house to do the second and third part of the ritual.

In a quiet place where you can concentrate, light some lemongrass incense and an orange candle.

Turn your head up, close your eyes, take a deep breath and start reflecting on your life. Don’t just think about your problems and difficulties, also look at your achievements, your happy days, the people who like you. After a few minutes you will be ready to do the third part of the ritual.

In the third step, you will take a piece of paper and pen and write citing your biggest obstacles that hinder your life. You can write the names of people, defects that you cannot overcome, which, in short, presents itself as a difficulty for you.

Take the piece of paper somewhere outdoors, bury it along with some rosemary branches and then step on top of the place where you buried it, saying three times: “I will win and overcome all my obstacles. I’m strong and I’ll make it!”

Candle leftovers, incense can be thrown in the trash.

May 15, 2018, at 00:00.

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