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Know spell to break a love spell

If all your relationships fail or end suddenly, this spell is for you! (Photo: Pixabay)

If all your relationships fail or end suddenly, it’s because you’ve probably fallen victim to some spell.

If all your relationships fail, end suddenly without warning, even when they seemed to be on the right track, if people approach you as quickly as they disappear, or your relationships lately are full of inconveniences, problems and insincerity, it’s because you probably must have been the victim of some spell. The reasons can be several, from an old unrequited love to someone jealous of your love life.

To break this situation, you need to do the Spell to break a love spell and for that you need: seven red candles, seven unshelled walnuts, a little coarse salt, seven red rose petals, a small red bag, which can be paper or fabric and something to crack the nuts.

This spell needs to be done for 7 days straight, so choose a flat surface, it can be an aluminum platter and draw a circle with the thick salt inside it. Distribute the 7 rose petals around the circle. In the middle of the circle place a red candle and light it with a match.

Wait 7 minutes and on the outside of the platter place one of the nuts and break it hard saying: “Here and this way I break what they did to me. I am free, I can love and be loved. So it is!”. Leave the pieces of bark inside the circle and wait for the candle to be consumed. Its fruit, which represents liberation, you must consume, because it represents you, it is part of you.

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As soon as the candle burns completely, take the rest of it and the shells and put it inside the little red bag saying: “Everything is being erased, being purified. I now seal the past so that it cannot return. A new time of love begins. So it is!”. And so for seven days do the same procedure.

On the last day, take the petals and the salt and place them inside the bag, which should be buried in a place far from your home and say: “Everything has been erased, everything has been purified. I now seal the past once and for all so that it does not return. A new time of love has begun.” Leave without looking back.

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