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I want to find out how to know my guardian Exu. How do I do?

Have you ever been in a difficult situation that you didn’t see a way out of? Are you feeling lost and apprehensive about everything that is going on in your life?

Because if you are going through this, know that your guardian Exu can help you overcome all the problems that bother you!

But before consulting him, you need to know which one is yours, and how it will help you. And so, one of the biggest questions that arise is about how to know my guardian Exu?

Knowing who that Orisha is that guides us is very important to conquer what we want. That’s because it can help us find the best way forward. And if you prefer to say specific prayers for your guardian Exu instead of declarations, learn how to discover yours! Do the things aimed at him with greater chances of success!

Understand what Exu guardian is

The concept of Exu is quite variable within the various religious strands of African origin. In Candomblé, a religion brought from Africa by slaves, Exu is considered to be one of the Orixás. Among the main characteristics presented by Exu is justice, fidelity and, at times, mischief.

If you are wondering how to know my guardian Exu, it is important to keep in mind that this deity is also present in other religions besides Candomblé, such as Umbanda. For those who practice and participate in this religious aspect, Exu can acquire several meanings and have concepts that vary from terreiro to terreiro.

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Some general characteristics can be attributed to Exu in Umbanda. These are attributions that remain the same from terreiro to terreiro. In general, these deities are considered to be representative of strength and vitality, also taking care of the application of the laws of the spirit world. They function as messengers between man and the divine world.

How to know my Exu Guardian and its importance

Many of those who seek to know the name of the guardian Exu are more concerned with offerings and prayers. Would these statements and acts have more power if they were directed to the specific Exu? The great truth is that faith always speaks louder. Regardless of whether or not you know the name of the guardian Exu, it is important to make prayers and offerings for him. You will be attended even without knowing it.

It is certain that each of the men on Earth is governed by a guardian Exu, determined by the creator himself due to several factors, such as the date of birth and time. If you are looking for how to know my guardian Exu, keep in mind that this search cannot be completed through simple data, but only through a specific and spiritual process.

It is worth having in the highest respect your guardian Exu, even if you don’t know his name. There are many reports spread over the internet with methods to find out the name of Exu, but you have to be careful. The date of birth, for example, is not able to reveal this information, at least not by itself. Spiritual cleansing work is needed.

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How to know my guardian Exu through a medium

For you who seek to reveal the name of your guardian Exu, there are some ways to access this information. Remember that all revelation only happens if the spirits understand that the time is right. In many cases the person is not prepared, and the name of the deity must remain hidden, for his protection. Is it possible to know my guardian Exu through a medium? The answer is yes!

Spiritual guides exercise mediumship, which translates into contact with the spiritual plane. They are people of high religious knowledge and control of the forces that govern the divine world. They can see and identify the signs, receiving messages and information about each one’s guardian Eshu. They work in Umbanda and Candomblé terreiros.

Not all guides are qualified to convey this information. For you to answer once and for all the question how to know my guardian Exu, search for the terreiros closest to you. If there is one in your city, pay a visit, talk to the people who participate and find out the procedure to discover the Eshu guardian.

Always trust your intuition. If your heart is asking for this information, maybe it’s the right time to contact your Exu. But be careful with the chosen terreiro. If something inside you shows doubts or fears, think twice before moving on.

How to know my guardian Exu with the game of whelks

Another way to know the Exu guardian is through the game of cowries. Only qualified and experienced people in this area can carry out the work correctly. The same recommendation applies: do a lot of research and follow your intuition. If you feel that you have found someone who demonstrates knowledge and experience in the spiritual world, perhaps it is time to communicate with Exu more closely.

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How to know my guardian Exu is a very common question. People want to be in contact with their protective deity, to make their prayers and offerings. By following all the tips you will be able to identify the right time to discover this information, as well as where to do it safely.

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