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How to play gypsy deck? Check step by step

would you like to learn how to play gypsy deck? See in this article three techniques simple and easy to read gypsy deck.

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How to play gypsy deck – Three card technique

The method of reading the gypsy deck with three cards is very suitable for beginners because it is simple, practical and easy to understand.

This technique makes an analysis of the past, the present and the future at the same time, with each of these phases being represented in order by a different card.

To read the gypsy tarot with the three card method you must shuffle the 36 cards. Afterwards, the deck must be cut into three equal piles, using the left hand.

The top cards of each pile must be turned over and read from left to right, with a pause for interpretation and reflection on each one.

The past is represented by the left mount, the present by the central mount and the future by the right mount.

The upturned card from the pile on the right, in addition to representing the future, means the reason why the reading is being done, therefore deserves greater meditation and consideration.

How to play gypsy cards – Step by step of the 5 card method

We will teach you another easy method on how to play gypsy 36 card deck.

Step 1

Shuffle the 36 cards and ask the querent to cut the deck into three piles.

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step 2

Then, join the cards from left to right and open the deck on the table in a fan shape, with the images facing down.

step 3

Ask the querent to choose 5 cards at random.

step 4

Here’s how to interpret the gypsy deck:

first letter – the first card will be the one in the middle and will talk about the querent’s present situation.

second letter – the number 2 card is the card that is to the left of the central card. It will show the consultant’s past, events experienced by the person that may or may not be related to the present moment.

third letter – this card is to the right of the central card and talks about future events. It will reveal how the querent’s current problem is likely to unfold. This card is also known as the near future.

fourth letter – this letter also talks about the future, but it does not necessarily have to do with the querent’s current problem. It will tell you what the future holds for the person, whether positive or negative.

fifth letter – here you will see the conclusion that the person’s current moment will lead to in a more distant future.

How to Play Gypsy Deck – The Temple of Aphrodite

This print is great for analyzing a couple’s relationship, whether on a rational, emotional or physical/chemical level.

First, you must shuffle the cards and ask the querent to cut them into three piles. If it’s reading to you, cut the deck yourself.

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Then choose one of the piles to draw 7 cards. Distribute these cards into two columns of 3 cards each.

The last card should be placed at the end, in a central position between the two columns, as in the image below.

To interpret the gypsy deck, consider the following points:

  • The first column is about him and the second column is about her;
  • The two cards in the first line refer to the mental plane, that is, they reveal what he and she think about the relationship and what their rational intentions are;
  • The second line is the affective plane, it shows the feelings that one has for the other;
  • The third line is the sexual plane, revealing the lust that one has for the other;
  • The last card that is between the columns shows the result of the junction of the two, it gives a prognosis for the relationship.

See the meaning of the 36 cards in the Gypsy Deck

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